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KB08030602 Installing AVG Anti-virus


Installing Anti-Virus

Anti-virus integration is configured from the Console at Options | Anti-Virus Integration

Mailtraq supports AVG 8.0 and above, from Mailtraq build 2.15 - read about upgrading your Mailtraq here ...



When you install AVG, choose the Custom Install option:
Install AVG but:

     • do not enable scheduled tests,

     • the Resident Shield

     • or the E-mail scanner.

Which edition? AVG 14

Mailtraq version and above supports:

  • AVG Free Edition
  • AVG for Workstations
  • AVG Network Edition

Mailtraq itself only requires the basic 2-user license (available here... ) - Grisoft provide larger license sizes for additional computers.

You should not need the Mail Server edition and you never use the email scanner component of AVG.


Installing AVG
Run the AVG installer in the normal way, but select Custom install and deselect optional components. AVG should essentially be dormant except for automatic updates.
Do not enable the Email Scanner - Mailtraq will be using AVG to scan emails.

AVG Warnings 
Note (shown above) that AVG will be reporting 'You are not fully protected' AVG may report that the Computer and Emails sections are not fully functional (red highlights) - this is to be expected.

Mailtraq has taken responsibility and uses its own scanner - and does not use the AVG email scanner.

AVG Scan settings
AVG MUST be configured to ignore the Mailtraq directories. If you do not exclude the Mailtraq database directories AVG may corrupt the main configuration file.

Shut down all programs and reboot the machine.


Configure Mailtraq
After installation, go to the Mailtraq Console, Options | Anti-virus Integration and select AVG.

Be sure to select the AVG integration that matches your version of AVG.
Mailtraq supports three versions of AVG: AVG 7, AVG 8+ and AVG 14.

If Mailtraq does not detect AVG, then shutdown all programs and reboot the server again.
Restart Mailtraq and retry.

Then run the internal test  [button] and test AVG is working.


Do not install the AVG Email Scanner component on the server
If you install the AVG Email Scanner on the same machine as Mailtraq your email
may be delayed or misdirected or you may cause file locking. 

If you have already done a 'default' installation, it may not be sufficient to just disable
the AVG Email scanner, you will need to uninstall AVG and then reinstall selecting the
Custom Install option.


Installing other anti-virus software

For advice on installing other anti-virus software please see: anti-virus

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