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You do not need to have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or Microsoft Exchange Server.

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Mailtraq supports open-source ('free') solutions to synchronize your Contacts and Calendars and to get your Email.
We suggest the use of Funambol BlackBerry plugin for PIM (Contacts and Calendars) and  LogicMail for IMAP email. These tools are introduced below and there is detailed configuration advice available from the link.


Configuration information for both PIM and Email is in the Knowledgebase.  Here ... 



Mailtraq is a standards compliant Internet e-mail server, supporting IMAP, POP and SMTP.  Any mail client that can use these protocols will work with Mailtraq.  Also note that Mailtraq supports the IMAP push e-mail (the IDLE extension) so any mail client that can use this functionality will be able to receive e-mail instantly.

Working with BlackBerry RIM servers
With this information you can get your BlackBerry to collect mail from your Mailtraq mailbox.

There are a number of 'flavors' of BlackBerry - and some will only connect to RIM's servers. You'll need to check how 'your' BlackBerry integrates other email accounts. So even if you can't install an email or PIM plug-in you can still get your Mailtraq email into your BlackBerry.

RIM (BlackBerry) provide this guide to help you configure the connection - see RIM Guide

BlackBerry device direct to Mailtraq
If you want to make your mail accessible to both BlackBerry devices and say, Outlook and webmail within your organization then the mail must be sent and received from the mailserver - Mailtraq.

You do this by using IMAP as your email protocol (instead of POP3) so the mail remains on the server and the clients view it there - it is a little more sophisticated than that, but that's it in principle. Outlook (and webmail) natively work this way.

BBs normally connect to one of RIMs servers to get their mail, so you need to provide an IMAP email client for the BB that will connect to Mailtraq.  We have tested and can recommend the open-source (free) LogicMail e-mail client for the BlackBerry.




PIM (Contacts, Calendars & Tasks)

Mailtraq provides a SyncML server designed to synchronise your contacts, calendar appointments and tasks. 

Any SyncML client can be used but we have extensively tested and recommend the open-source (free) Funambol BlackBerry client. 









Working with SyncJE


Mailtraq recommends the open-source (free) LogicMail e-mail client but it also supports the use of ($)  SyncJE   for use with Blackberry devices for synchronizing Contacts and Calendars.



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Mailtraq is a low cost and reliable way to keep your BlackBerry in sync with your desktop Email, Contacts and Calendar.

Mailtraq is a full email server for companies and organizations of all sizes. Mailtraq provides full email, calendaring and contact services across your network and allows BlackBerry and other mobile devices sync direct.



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