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Calendaring Advice

Mailtraq provides powerful and comprehensive calendaring services and to get the best out of them you need to consider the following aspects.

Time Zones

Mailtraq provides multiple time zone calendaring.
Mail servers run on Universal Timew (UT) so it is important to be sure that you have correctly set the time zone for the computer that Mailtraq is running on as well as within Mailtraq itself. DST (daylight savings time) settings are also important.

Remember that the email client may be in a different time zone to the server, so it is important for your Users to correctly set their time zones via the webmail interface.

Emails viewed in EWA webmail show the 'time received' in the list view, and the 'time sent' in the message view.

Configuration advice is available here

Repeating Events

Mailtraq enables you to create Repeating Events in calendars.

Repeating events should generally work as one would expect.  However, 'exceptions' should be avoided because they are handled unpredictably (or not at all) on different clients. 

Invitations are sent out for specific instances of a repeating event, not to the entire sequence. 

This makes sense if you think of an invitation as being part of a participation tracking system.  The invitee can respond to an invitation to indicate their attendance, but this wouldn't imply attendance for all instances of an event. 

In this context, invitations are sent out once-per-instance.  If the invitation period is set to zero, this means the invitation is sent out as soon as it becomes valid.  For recurring events this means for the next instance as soon as the previous instance has passed.  This may give the appearance of duplicate invitations but each one is for the next event.  In addition, participation data is reset after the event passes so you can track who will attend.

Do not use the invitation system to send copies of the events to other people.  This is not an "invitation" as Outlook and other clients see it.

Also read about Custom Addresses for invitations here ...

'Copy & Pasting' invitations

Extreme care needs to be taken when copy and pasting email addresses into the Event Invitation dialog box.

Email addresses copied from other sources, such as web-pages, Outlook, Microsoft Word lists or other programs may have hidden data associated with the email address information that is not obvious when copying. Copying such data into the invitation system can have unpredictable results.

OTA Synchronization

Over The Air (OTA) Synchronization refers to using the SyncML service provided by Mailtraq to sync your mobile device (such as a BlackBerry, PDA, iPhone etc) wirelessly to the Mailtraq server.

Best practice:
If you are OTA syncing in Mailtraq, then switch off Mailtraq's reminders. It is a menu option available in WebMail | Options.

Syncing is intended for working with current events. Read about Archiving Calendars to remove old entries from your current calendar here ...


Using Recover: SyncML and Calendars

SyncML Recover is defined as "delete everything on the target and then add all events from the source as new events". 
The side effect is that invitation and reminder status for all Calendar events will be reset.  In turn, this will cause them all to fire again.  Invitations and Reminders will appear to recipients as 'duplicates'.

Do not use Recover from device-to-server for Calendaring without considering these effects.


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