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Time management

Personal time management is the classic use for calendars, and Mailtraq provides a number of features to make this easy and flexible.

Each user has their own calendar, which they can add events to. They can also have extra calendars, to easily manage events related to a specific project.

Calendars can be shared with other users, but users retain control over who can see what:

  • Secretaries can be given read / write permission over their boss' calendar.
  • Employees can be given read-only permission
  • Private events can be kept private, so other users can only see you are busy - not what you are doing.

Meetings can be arranged with the assistance of Mailtraq's automatic invitation system - simply list the participants to invite, and the system sends them emails asking them to state whether they can attend. What's more, the system automatically collates their responses - acceptances, declines, and even tentative acceptances.

Time mangement is also about Task lists, and the calendaring system provides a sophisticated to-do list system with categorised tasks, deadlines, and reminders.

Calendars can be accessed via a web-browser, so it's easy to keep control whilst working away from the office - without the need for your own laptop or client-side software.


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