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Introduction to Calendaring


Mailtraq provides iCalendarw compatibility along with support for SyncMLw

You can import calendar files from popular calendaring products, as well as synchronize your Mailtraq calendar and address book with Outlook  .

You can also sync to SyncML compatible devices such as BlackBerry, PDAs and smartphones.


Read Calendaring Advice for Administrators

Calendar service
The Calendar service in Mailtraq Professional allows individual users to manage their schedules online through Mailtraq's Webmail system.

The schedules created with this feature can be shared on a per-user basis - some users can be permitted to view, others to both view and edit.

Even greater control over who can see what is provided by allowing each user to have more than one calendar - so a user can set up a calendar to manage a particular project, and share it amongst team members, whilst keeping their personal calendar private.

The system automates the handling of  meeting requests by sending invitation emails, and automatically collating their responses.

Designed for use in global scenarios, the calendaring system is time-zone aware.

ICS Calendar Invitations

WebMail supports ICS invitation attachments. This means you can click on an attached invitation and add it to your own calendar and Webmail (set up) will accept Calendar invitations from Outlook.


Accessing the Calendar system
The Calendaring service is integrated into the Mailtraq Webmail system to provide the widest availability without the need to install specialist client software on individual users' machines - just the standard web browser.

Enabling ICS Calendaring
ICS calendaring is not enabled by default. You must enable it via the Webmail Administrators 'Admin' page. Read more...

Sharing Outlook Calendars

Mailtraq is a full function email server that replaces the need for MS Exchange in nearly all cases. Mailtraq allows you have multiple calendars and have tight controls on calendar shares - as well as sharing Contacts and providing you with Public Folders - and all for one low price.

All Group Ware features are included in your Mailtraq Professional license - there are no additional charges.

Your calendars can easily be synchronized with calendars in Microsoft® Outlook™ - and from there with PDAs.

Read about synchronizing with Outlook here. 
Read about Free/Busy in Outlook here.


Sharing Thunderbird Lightning Calendars

Calendar integration is in active development for Mozilla Thunderbird under project Lightning.

Lightning brings the Sunbird calendar to the popular email client, Mozilla Thunderbird. Since it's an extension, Lightning is tightly integrated with Thunderbird, allowing it to easily perform email-related calendaring tasks.
Read more & get Lightning Add-on ...

Funambol Mozilla Sync Client enables you to sync between your Mailtraq 'Contacts and Calendars' and Thunderbird

The Funambol Mozilla Sync Client is a Mozilla extension which allows users to synchronize address book contacts and calendar appointments, between the Mozilla applications and the Funambol server,
and therefore with any SyncML compliant
clients, such as mobile phones, PDA, etc.
Read more & get Sync Add-on

Read about synchronizing Thunderbird and Lightning here.





Configuration Tips

Disable ICS
If you are working in an environment that does not support ICS Calendar Invitations - for example, if you are using Outlook Express as your mail clients - you can turn-off ICS invites by following this procedure:


Before you start use Tools | Backup Configuration - just to be safe.

Shut down Mailtraq and locate the 'system.cfg' file normally located here:
C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\configuration

Locate the entry:


and change it to:


and Save. Restart Mailtraq.

This facility is available from build



Read more about using Mailtraq Calendars for:


Read about the Group Ware features included with Mailtraq Professional:




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