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Mailtraq provides a powerful e-mail and Internet connectivity solution with a unique emphasis in keeping your costs down.

Not just the business facilities you'd expect...

Professional email addresses for everyone

Mailtraq provides you with professional email addresses for everyone in your organisation. Its flexibility makes it easy for your organisation to have role addresses (such as sales@ or support@) that are redirected to individuals, groups, or shared. Individual can collect their mail locally or have it redirected to external accounts if they are working away from the office.

Customer relationship management

Mailtraq helps you keep in touch with your customers. Carefully used, mailing-lists can provide customer loyalty through opt-in announcements lists. Mailtraq provides built-in management mechanisms to fulfil legal obligations for opt-outs.

Event-driven emails allow you to automatically respond with personalised emails to customer-driven events (purchasing, registering on your website etc), and collect data for future analysis.


You can host email discussion forums, where customers can provide each other with peer-support and reduce the support burden on your own staff.

Control staff access to the Internet

With businesses becoming legally responsible for their employees actions on the Internet, Mailtraq's monitoring proxy provides you with the power to control and monitor every action your employees take. 

Your ability to monitor acts as a powerful incentive for everyone to play by the rules. Whether they are browsing the web* or sending emails, Mailtraq puts you back in control.


...but the extra features you were hoping for...

Integrated NT / Active Directory authentication

Mailtraq can verify user credential against your local domain, or any other domains with the approriate trust relationships, so you can centrally manage your users without duplicating effort. Read more ...


Even if you don't have an NT domain to authenticate against, Mailtraq can keep your day-to-day administration to a minimum, with account creation on demand, and automatically expiring unused accounts. Departmental reports on Internet usage can be provided for internal accounting.

Auditable instant messaging

Mailtraq ships with its own client-side Instant Messaging application, which provides professional-grade Instant Messaging, with transcripts - to remind users of what they said, and for legal auditing purposes.

Advanced hardware support

Mailtraq's multi-threaded architecture takes full advantage of multiple-CPU systems, and scales  with fast hardware and network connections. Mailtraq can be used in Cluster scenarios where relisience is paramount.

Programmable scripting language

Mailtraq supports ActiveScripting languages - eg VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, to enable you to customise Mailtraq's behavior and integrate it with your existing systems.

Global reseller network

Eight reasons
Learn why corporates choose Mailtraq.

-


Whilst we pride ourselves in creating an easy-to-use solution, our resellers can provide you with installation and on-going support and consultancy - not just on Mailtraq, but also on the underlying technologies and protocols.

* Proxy option required for web control


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