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Case Study - Newsquest

In a media organisation, tight deadlines mean resilience of the email system is critical to the operation of the organisation. In choosing Mailtraq running on a clustered platform, Newsquest benefit from a solution which is cost-effective, standards-compliant and resilient.

Company Profile

Newsquest employ over 9000 staff, publishing over 300 regional and local newspapers. Its parent company Gannett employs approximately 51,500 staff. In the year to December 31, Gannett had a net income of $831 million on operating revenue of $6.3 billion.

Mailtraq Professional running on clustered hardware

Newsquest chose Mailtraq Professional, running on a clustered system, to provide email for over 2000 employees:

The hardware platform is based around two Dell PowerEdge 4600 Servers, each with dual PentiumIII Xeon 1800Mhz Processors and 3GB RAM, configured with Microsoft Cluster Service. Storage is provided by a Dell PowerVault 220S, with a 68GB partition being used for the mail server.

Users collect their email either via POP3 or, via the built-in WebMail system.

Mailtraq is only ever running on one of the machines in the cluster, with the second machine acting as a failover.

Hardware in detail:

2 x Dell PowerEdge 4600 Servers

Dual PentiumIII Xeon 1800Mhz Processors.
Adaptec AHA-2940U2/U2W PCI SCSI Controller
Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra160/m PCI SCSI Card
Dell Perc 3/DC & Perc 3/DCL RAID Controller
Dell Perc 3/Di RAID Controller
Dell PowerVault 110T DLT1/VS Tape Drive
Dual Intel PRO/1000 XT Server Adapters
Intel PRO/100 S Server Adapter
RAID1 18GB Partition

Microsoft Cluster Service

3 x Virtual Machines:

Main Cluster
Mail Server
Web Server

Dell PowerVault 220S

 8 x 33GB Ultra3 Drives

1 x RAID1 34GB Volume
-   2GB Partition for Quorum
-   32GB Partition for Resources
2 x RAID5 68GB Volumes
-   68GB Partition for Mail Server
-   68GB Partition for Web Server

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