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The easy Cloud Alternative

     Alternative to cloud email...
Security - control over who sees your email
SSL-TLS end-to-end prevents intercepts
Safe against secret subpoena
PCI, HIPAA, SOX, E-commerce compliance
Low cost - Easy backup and maintenance
...or Complementary to cloud email
Run Mailtraq parallel to your cloud service
Pass-through Archive for compliance
Automatic local shadow
High availablility - Customizable

The 'Cloud of One' philosophy

Cloud computing has many perceived advantages  - availability, low cost of entry and ease of use - but it also comes with a number of serious disadvantages and misconceptions. Our philosophy is to make email services hosted on your own server as easy to use, as hassle free and as low cost as hosted cloud services. You can read more about our philosophy here...

With Mailtraq you can have all of the advantages of cloud based email AND all the security and reliability you need for business operations.


Cloud based services don't exist in clouds - your emails are being stored on other people's servers. You have no control over who can see those messages, what copies are being made, who is snooping or who may take advantage of information they collect.

Your emails, stored on some other business's servers, are subject to simple subpoena - which can take place without your knowledge. Emails stored on your own server are subject to a full search warrant, so you are protected against secret search and seizure.

PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and E-commerce compliance all require that you have full control of your data, so you must run your own mail server.     ...and what is good for them, should be good for you. Mailtraq provides full archive and recovery functions, including automatic export for deep storage.


One of the driving forces behind the move to the cloud is one of cost. But it is important to compare apples with apples. Modern email server software, like Mailtraq, is designed to provide full email services including webmail, IMAP and mobile device connectivity on low-cost hardware and without specialist staff.

Pay-as-you-go = $$$
The 'cloud' is primarily suited to coping with sudden increases and then drop-offs of demand whereas mail services are normally steady-state. Hosting any mail server on a pay-as-you-go cloud host can quickly get more expensive than a traditional co-location over the five-year life of a typical server.

Mailtraq runs on all current versions of Windows, without special skills. It has low cost licenses which you buy and then own forever - they never expire. After that is is all you can eat - there are no limits on the amount of email you can handle.

Backup and maintenance and everything else you need are built into Mailtraq. 

Complementary to the cloud

Mailtraq also can work in parallel with a cloud email service, giving you high availability access to your mail store when the cloud service goes off-line, plus full independent archiving of your message store. Install Mailtraq in you message flow and have the best of both worlds.


See for yourself: download a trial right now 

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