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How to install

Before you start

Ensure you have read the relevant implementation page to see how the Cluster Gateway will fit into your network topology before following the instructions on this page.




The Cluster Server is the machine on which the Mailtraq Cluster Gateway will be installed.

Forward Hosts are the machines running Mailtraq.


Note: The Cluster Gateway will work with Mailtraq build 2272 and above.


In this typical load-sharing scenario for a domain - in this example: - the Cluster Gateway is to be installed on machine on the LAN connected to the Internet via a router. There is no mailserver configured on this machine. It is the function of the Gateway to accept messages for the domain and then pass then forward to a machine with a mail server installed.

The MX records for have been set to point to the public facing IP address of the router.

The router has been set to forward traffic on Ports 25, 110, 80 and 143 for SMTP, POP3, Webmail and IMAP, to the Cluster Gateway on IP address

The machines that will be acting as Forward Hosts have Mailtraq installed on them. These machines are on the LAN, and in this example have IP addresses:, and so on.


The Cluster Gateway is free of charge, but is not a supported product and while it will function as described there is no implied serviceability for use in a production environment: use at your own discretion.

Download the MailtraqClusterGateway.msi file onto the Cluster Server, and run the msi

Click here to Download

The msi installs a new Windows Service, and sets it to run Automatically, but does not start the service at this stage.

The msi also places a link in the Start / Programs link to a user interface where you can configure the service. This is implemented as an MMC plug-in, to provide flexibility in administration.

Configuring the service

The service is not configured to gateway any services by default.

Open the Mailtraq Cluster Gateway Console from Windows | Start | Programs

Add Gateway

For each service you will be managing (typically SMTP, POP3, Webmail (HTTP) and IMAP4), you will need to add a new Gateway within the user interface.

  Next >

In this example a new IMAP4 Gateway is being configured:
Right-click on

Name - enter the name of the Gateway.
     For example
: IMAP  Use the name of the Service you are gatewaying

Listening Address - ip:port
     For example
:  The ip address should be set to to accept all connections

Host Name - the name in HELO to Forward Hosts.
     For example
: The domain name for which there is a rDNS entry
     at the Gateway's public facing IP address

Add Forward Host


Within each service, you will need to add a Forward Host. These are the machines to which the messages will be sent.

There must be at least one Forward Host for each Gateway; normally, there are several. Each Forward Host machine must have its own licensed copy of Mailtraq installed.

In this example, an additional SMTP host is being configured for a Local Area Network machine.

Forward Address (host:port)
     For example:



Start the Service


When the configuration is complete the service can be started (and stopped) from the 'video' controls in the Mailtraq Cluster Gateway Console.




Upgrading from a previous version of the Gateway

Follow the following steps to upgrade from a previous versionof the Gateway. You will not lose any of your Gateway configuration in this process.

  1. Stop the Gateway service.
  2. Close the MMC Console used to administer the service.
  3. Uninstall the Gateway using Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs.
  4. Run the new msi file.
  5. Start the Gateway service.


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