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KB08081302 Copying the Configuration


Current versions of Mailtraq have an easy method of obtaining a copy of your Configuration.

In addition to regular backups we recommend saving a copy of your Configuration to an external thumb-drive from time to time. If you suffer a complete drive failure it is then a simple matter to get your Mailtraq installation up and running on a new drive. Keep the thumb drive associated with the server, but not plugged in.

In the Mailtraq Console use Tools | Backup Configuration to make a copy of the configuration.

 Console Backup

It is made available as Zip file for the MMC Console.

How to  BACKUP  your Configuration
1.) Select the 'Tools' menu.

2.) Click the 'Backup Configuration' option.
You will be asked to select a file name and destination.

3.) Give the backup file a name of your own choice, and 'Save'.


How to  RESTORE  your Configuration
1.) Click the 'Restore Configuration' option.
You will be asked to select a file name and location.

2.) Locate the previously made backup Zip file, and 'Restore'.


Traditional Console? - See below...


Restore - alternate ways

Manual Configuration restoration and disaster recovery

The Configuration lives at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mailtraq\database\configuration

You can back up the Configuration with Mailtraq running, but Mailtraq must be stopped when you do a manual restore.

Read how to Stop/Start Mailtraq...

Unzip the backup somewhere outside Mailtraq's folder structure.

If you do not have a copy of just the Configuration made with this configuration backup tool, you can use a copy of the configuration retrieved from your most recent general backup, then substitute the files in a similar way.

Then shutdown Mailtraq, rename the old configuration folder, say to 'configuration-bad' - then place a copy of the restored backup in the /database folder.

When you restart Mailtraq you'll be back exactly as before.


A manual Configuration backup had been taken in the past and and placed as a zip file in a folder (above right).


This zip file has been unpacked/unzipped, and the unzip folder renamed to configuration (above right).

Mailtraq has been stopped.

In the main Mailtraq database folder (Default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mailtraq\database\configuration)

the 'configuration' folder has been renamed to 'configuration-bad' (above left)

The next step is to copy the 'configuration' folder (above right) into the \database folder (above left).

After you have copied the folder across - restart Mailtraq.

You have now manually restored the configuration.


Recovering from a broken Configuration backup

If you have no valid working Configuration it may be possible to recover without having to manually rebuild

KB13040101 Rebuilding a corrupt Configuration

Disaster recovery

You can readily transfer a backed-up configuration to a new installation of Mailtraq.

  1. Install Mailtraq on a new Machine using the same version and Installation Id as before.
  2. Do the minimum to complete the installation. Exit from the setup wizard as soon as possible, and Stop the Mailtraq service.
  3. Perform the manual recovery described above.

This will restore a working installation, but without the previous mail stores. If you regain access to the AFX mail stores for your users then you can import them into your 'new' installation. See Importing

Traditional Console


It will store it here: C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\configuration.1

The actual number may be different -
 e.g. configuration.3 






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