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Contacts & Directories

Looking for Active Directory support ? See User Management here


Mailtraq provides a number of features for managing contact information


  • Local Directory - all Users within the Mailtraq system
  • Global Address Book - imported contact list available to all
  • Personal Address Books (multiple and shareable) - controllable PABs

in addition to the LDAP service for very large contact bases.

Read more about Directories below...


Configuration Tip: Read about 'Working with Contacts & Address Books' to understand how to work with Contacts and Directories.


Global Address Book

Mailtraq provides a Global Address Book and multiple Personal Address books. The GAB is accessed from the Console

The Global Address Book is hosted by the default 'admin' User.

The Global Address Book is made available to Webmail Users in the 'Contacts' tab. 

Users can synchronize their Outlook Contacts with those in Mailtraq's Directory by using MOS (see here - LAN use only). Contacts can then be accessed by Users in their Outlooks in the normal way.

Or by using SyncML which can also be used with other email clients, outside the LAN and with mobile devices

Users with Administrator priviliges who synchronize their Outlook Contacts will update the Global Address Book, both adding and deleting Contacts.

Mailtraq's Address Book Import Wizard makes it simple to import address books from other programs, such as Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as allowing custom mapping of fields.Working with MS Outlook
Mailtraq Outlook Synchronizer (MOS) enables you to create central Contacts that can be shared with your Outlook clients either as the GAB (Global Address Book) or from shared PABs, as well as being always available via the webmail interface.
Read how to configure MOS here.


Guide to Directories


Mailtraq provides three different Contact structures.
1 -  Personal address books
There are an unlimited number of personal address books for individual users. These are most easily seen using webmail, but a user can sync these with their Outlook using MOS if they wish.
2 - The Local Directory.
This is the contact list of all local users (and should not be confused with a Global Directory, but as that is something else). This is a read-only view of mailboxes and mail objects in the Mailtraq Console tree.
Most often it equates to a list of local addresses, but it also includes 'mailing-lists'. The Local Directory is available to all users via webmail, and they can sync their Outlook to it (or more commonly, create a new Contact list in Outlook and sync to that).
You cannot manually add or remove entries in the Local Directory, but you can decide whether or not an entry shows.   This is controlled by the Local Directory Visibility setting.
3 - The Global Directory.
This is a special address book that is owned by the 'admin' user. Only users with administrator privileges can edit it. It is read-only for all other users.
The purpose of the Global Directory is to provide a common list of external addresses to be used by your organization. That is addresses that are not in the Local Directory.
So, for example, imagine you were a TV station, then the Global Directory may contain the email addresses of all of your company's news contacts, State Representatives and newspapers, etc - but not your own reporters, because they would be in the Local Directory.
Importing and LDAP Sync
You can import/edit contents into the GAB in the console. Read more...  and you can sync the Global Address Book to an external LDAP source.
A typical external source would be a corporate LDAP server with a 'master list' of external contacts. The sync can be scheduled to update from time to time. Note that any local changes will be lost: this is a one-way sync from the LDAP souce to Mailtraq's GAB

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