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Delivery Options

This tab appears on the Outbox Properties and specifies how Mailtraq handles outbound mail. The Mail Routing Table enables Mailtraq to deliver outbound mail direct to other mail hosts instead of to the Remote Mail Server. The maximum permitted number of outgoing parallel mail delivery connections and the name server to be used for MX Resolution are also specified here.

If Mailtraq fails to deliver outgoing mail for any reason a delivery failure message is sent to the postmaster address of the local host name specified in the Server tab.

Maximum parallel delivery connections
The number of simultaneous mail delivery connects which Mailtraq can make is specified in the Maximum Number... edit box. The minimum number of connections which can be specified is 1 and the maximum available is 99.

Forward copies of outgoing mail to
Mailtraq forwards a copy of all outgoing email messages to a specified local mailbox if this feature is activated. Retaining a copy of outgoing mail is a useful adjunct to the built-in security features in Mailtraq. See Archiving.

To forward copies of all outgoing mail, check the box:-

[x] Forward copies of outgoing mail to
Then choose an existing mailslot from the dropdown list. 

You cannot directly forward copies of messages to an external address, as there is a risk of creating a mail-loop (where that recipient sends a response).
If you need to forward copies of 'all' messages to an external address then you create a mailbox in Mailtraq to receive the copy and set the message forward on that mailbox to an external address.

Pay particular attention to the Archiving rules you set for this intermediate mailbox so that you store messages correctly for your purposes.

Delay Connections to Smart Hosts...
To provide sufficient time for Remote POP3 instances to authorise Mailtraq's current IP address with remote smart hosts, where necessary, SMTP connections to deliver outbound mail may be delayed for the number of seconds specified. The default is zero seconds.

Advanced Outbound Router
The Advanced Outbound Router option is available for use in high volume delivery scenarios. It is recommended for use if you see messages consistently building up in the Outbox

The Advanced router includes a DNS resolver built from scratch to be efficient and lightweight. Statistics are kept on all the DNS hosts that are used to determine the usage ratio and the system adapts quickly to DNS outages. Modern Delivery Reports are generated that are RFC 3464 compliant.

This high capacity outbound router has reduced logging which means the Message Tracking feature is not available.


Advanced Routing Tables (click for more)
Click on the Advanced Routing Tables button to access the Mail Routing Table dialog to define static and dynamic mail routing.
If Mailtraq is to deliver mail to remote mail hosts on the Internet it must be able to query a Domain Name Server to resolve the MX information for each addressee. Enter the address of the Domain Name Server in the Default Domain Name Server edit box in the form of a dotted quad, e.g. The address of a suitable Domain Name Server is usually supplied by an Internet Service Provider.

Delivery Failure Reports
In addition to delivery failure reporting to postmaster, Mailtraq can be configured to send a formatted delivery failure report in an email message on a regular basis to a specified address.

Report Properties

Report Properties
This dialog, which can be accessed as indicated below, enables the activity reporting facilities in Mailtraq to be configured. All reports, which are in email format, are configured in exactly the same manner and each can be delivered to a different local or remote address. Select one of the following for further information:-


Current Report

The available reports are:-

Mail Barring Report

This report, accessed via the Mail Barring Reports button on the Barring Tab of the Inbox Properties dialog, delivers a list of all the inbound messages refused by Mailtraq.

Delivery Failure Report

This report, accessed via the Delivery Failure Reports button on the Delivery Options Tab of the Outbox Properties dialog, delivers a list of outbound messages which could not be delivered by Mailtraq.

Dial-up Report

This report, accessed via the Dial-up Reporting button on the Actions Tab of the Internet Dial-up dialog, delivers a list of all connections to the Internet made by Mailtraq.

Subscription Report

This report, accessed via the Report button on the Subscribers Tab of the Mailing List Properties dialog, delivers a list of subscriptions and unsubscriptions received for a mailing list.

Archive Report

This report, accessed via the Report button on the Members Tab of the Archive Properties dialog, delivers a list of all accesses to an archive.


Remote Mail Server Security
Click this button to set up authentication for remote mail servers which require SMTP Authentication and at which passworded accounts have already been created. Select the following for further information:-

Outbound SMTP Security

The Outbound SMTP Security dialog is accessed via the Remote Mail Server Security button on the Remote Mail Server tab of the Outbox Properties dialog. Where it is required that Mailtraq perform SMTP Authentication when delivery outbound mail, the remote server should be listed with its required credentials.

To add an entry to the table:-

Click Add
Complete the details required on the SMTP Account Authentication dialog
Click OK
To edit an entry in the table:-

Select the required entry in the Server column
Click Edit
Alter the details as required on the SMTP Account Authentication dialog
Click OK
To delete an entry from the table:-

Select the required entry in the Server column
Click Delete



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