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Dial-up Controls

The Internet Dial-up dialog is used to configure how Mailtraq connects to the internet and can be accessed by selecting Dial-up... from the Options Menu in the console

Dial-up Connection Tab
This tab appears on the Internet Dial-up dialog and configures the Dial-up Networking / RAS connections.

The Phone Book list box displays the current DUN (Dial-Up Networking) connections which are available to all Windows programs. Mailtraq monitors these DUN connections continuously, if they have been configured correctly as Phone Book entries, to determine whether an Internet connection is active.

Mailtraq can also use the Phone Book entries to connect itself to the Internet (during unattended connections, for example) if the User / Host Name and Password fields are completed with the relevant information. Note that the User / Hostname and Password fields should contain the same information as the corresponding fields in the Windows' Dial-up Networking (DUN) "Connect To" dialog.

Options Tab

This tab, which appears on the Internet Dial-up dialog, configures Mailtraq's automatic online activities and specifies the Dial-up Networking connection to be used when connecting to the Internet.

Automatically Deliver mail...
Enable this option to cause Mailtraq to deliver waiting mail automatically when connected to the Internet.

Auto-Finger on connection
Enable this option to cause Mailtraq to send automatic FINGER requests whenever an Internet connection is made.

Current Dial-up
A connection must be selected in the Current Dial-up drop box to enable Mailtraq to connect to the Internet when the Go Online or Schedule a Connection Now commands are used from the System Tray menu or from the Actions menu in the console.

Select Next Alternative…
If this option is enabled, Mailtraq will select an alternative DUN connection for the next dial-up (assuming more than one DUN connection has been configured in the Phone Book) automatically if the current selection fails. Mailtraq will also make the next selection the new Current Dial-up.

Enable Support for Bonded ISDN Channels
Enable this option if Mailtraq is using an ISDN adapter to connect to the Internet and if the Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the capability of, and permits, bonded connections, i.e. 64KB x 2. This option should not be enabled for standard modem connections.

Dial-up Reporting
Mailtraq can be configured to send a formatted dial-up report in an email message on a regular basis to a specified address

Schedules Tab
This tab, which appears on the Internet Dial-up dialog, is used to create and configure scheduled automatic connections to the Internet .

A schedule entry prompts Mailtraq to connect to the Internet, using a defined Phone Book entry, at predetermined times either on a daily basis, on certain weekdays only or on a specific day each month. Each schedule can also be configured to handle NNTP and POP3 connections as required, can be constrained to initiate only if high priority outbound mail is waiting to be delivered and can be disabled automatically if the previous (manual or scheduled) connection took place too recently.

Schedule Options Tab
This tab, which appears on the Internet Dial-up dialog, is used to configure some general options for Mailtraq's scheduling service.

Query Connect/Disconnect
When this option is enabled Mailtraq displays a warning dialog both before each scheduled connection, so that the connection can be cancelled by the user if desired, and after each scheduled connection, so that the disconnection can be cancelled by the user if desired.

Warn on Missed Schedules
If this option is enabled and Mailtraq was not running when a scheduled connection became due, a dialog is displayed, with confirm and cancel options, which enables the user to prompt Mailtraq to carry out the missed scheduled connection.

Auto-schedule when outbound mail is waiting
When this option is enabled the Only for High Priority Mail check box and the Schedule within... edit box are made available. This facility enables Mailtraq to create a temporary schedule whenever outbound mail is waiting in the Outbox. If Only for High Priority Mail is ticked then Mailtraq ignores the arrival of lower priority mail in the Outbox. The Schedule within... setting can be adjusted to allow time for additional mail to accumulate if desired.

The temporary schedule created by Mailtraq for this purpose is generated separately on each connection, using the settings obtained from the Automatic Schedule button.

Automatic Schedule / Schedule Now Settings
Clicking this button reveals the Scheduled Dial-up Settings dialog. Mailtraq uses the settings in this dialog to configure the schedule settings used for both the Automatic Schedule and Schedule a Connection Now (found on the System Tray menu and on the Actions Menu of the console) options

Schedule Date and Time Tab
This tab, which appears on the Scheduled Dial-up Settings dialog, contains two additional tabs in which the date, time and frequency of a schedule can be specified.

Date Tab
This tab controls the frequency at which the schedule will take place. By choosing the appropriate radio button, Mailtraq can be configured to connect every day of the week, on selected days of the week (by ticking the desired days) or on a specific day of each month.

Time Tab
This tab controls the time of day at which the scheduled connect is initiated. By choosing the appropriate radio button, Mailtraq can be configured to connect once a day at the time set, every hour at the number of minutes set or at intervals specified in minutes starting at 12 am. If the latter option is given a value of zero minutes, Mailtraq attempts to maintain a constant connection, re-dialling automatically when necessary if the connection is dropped for any reason.

For the latter two options only, Mailtraq can also be configured to connect during certain times of the day. Note, however, that the time shown in the left-hand control must be earlier than that shown in the right-hand control, thus the latest time of day available in the right-hand control is 23:59:00 because 00:00:00 is treated as the start time of day not the end time of day.

For more detailed configuration options see the context [Help] in the dialogs.





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