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Sending email - EWA


IE may need to be set to Compatibility Mode in the IE Tools menu

Using webmail has been designed to be as intuitive as possible.

To Send a message, first click on 'New' in the Toolbar .

Mailtraq will open a new 'Compose' window.

New emails are normally composed in 'Plain Text' to ensure receipt by all email clients, however you can choose to create emails in HTML (see below).


Clicking on the 'To', 'CC' and 'BCC' buttons will give you access to the Address Book system.

Click in the body of the compose window to enter the text of your message.

Spell check is available from the toolbar if your Administrator has enabled that option.

You can save a copy of 'work in progress' by clicking the disk icon in the Compose tool bar. The email is then saved to the Drafts folder. Mailtraq will automatically save message drafts whilst composing (see Webmail Options Menu).


If you want to send a file with your email, first click on the 'paper-clip' symbol in the Compose toolbar. In the Attachments window that opens, click the [Browse] button to locate the file on your local machine, select the file, and then click the [Add] button.

The file will be displayed in the dialog box.

You can attach multiple files to your email.

If you need to remove an attachment, select it in the dialog box and click the [Remove] button. The button marked [Remove All] will remove all the attachments.

When you are done, click the [Close] button to return to the main Compose window. Your attachments will be listed below the Subject line.


Your Administrator can set the system to prevent you from attaching files to emails, accessing the Options menus, Searching and other functions. If you find that a feature is described but not available to you, check with your Mailtraq Administrator. 

You can save a copy of messages sent in your Sent Items Folder.  Your 'Mail Profile' (see below) normally saves a copy of sent email in your 'Sent Items Folder', and can be configured to automatically send a BCC (private) copy to any other email address.


You may 'Resend' an email previously sent by selecting the email in the Sent Items Folder and clicking the [Resend] button. An exact copy of the original message will open, which can be edited and then sent in the normal way.

You should be aware that many Administrators limit how much mail is allowed in mailboxes and how long it is kept for. You should check with your Administrator to find out your organization's policy.


Mailtraq provides two methods of forwarding messages from EWA webmail.

[Forward] - which forwards the plain text version of the email, that is, without formatting. This ensures maximum acceptability for all sorts of email clients.

[Forward as Attachment] - which forwards the message with all of its formatting, but which may not be displayed by email clients set to plain text only or in many mobile devices. 

This should not be confused with 'Attaching' a file to an email.

HTML Format


EWA webmail supports the use of HTML in message construction.

Click the [Format] button to change the format from the default 'Plain Text' to HTML.


You can also use the [Insert] menu to insert:

•  Horizontal Rule
•  Insert Image
•  Insert Table
•  Insert Link








Mail Profiles


EWA supports multiple Profiles or Personas, when enabled by the Administrator

The Profile window is available by clicking on [Tools] in the main toolbar and selecting [Mail Profiles]

Each Mail Profile can be used to set:

Addresses: Here you can configure the names and addresses that recipients will see in messages that you send

• Reply-to Address
• From Address
• From Name

and control the Default BCC Address and whether outgoing messages are saved in the Sent Items Folder.


Changes to the From Address are reflected in the login confirmation name in the upper-right corner of the main window. Read more about Domain Name control here ...


Due to changes in the way that IE behaves it may not be possible to switch Profiles using this dialog. If you encounter this problem you may log out of webmail, login again using Standard Webmail and switch profiles there by starting a new email message and selecting your chosen profile. Save the blank message to save the setting. Log out and then back into EWA and when you compose your message you will be in the selected Profile.

 EWA Prefixes


Here you can configure a short signature paragraph (or disclaimer, etc) that will be added automatically to all composed mail.

[x] Top Post Quoting
Enabling this option will place the signature above the quoted message
in Microsoft Outlook style.

Note: A salutation prefix is not suitable with this option and may need to be changed to a message summary instead.

Multi-line signatures may be forced by inserting <BR> in place of the normal carriage return line feed <CR><LF>

For example:

Susan Bunbury<BR>
Mailtraq Information<BR>



Prefixes are greetings and attributions added automatically to the start of Replies and Forwards to help the recipient track the thread.



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