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Webmail Administration - EWA

Before you start

Make sure you have followed Setting up WebMail to enable your webmail service.

For each user who will have administration permission, make sure the 'System Administration Privileges' box is checked in the Users' Properties dialog box.


Log in as an administrator

Log in using the administrator's primary mailbox name, and the administrator's password. 

When you are logged in you
will be able to access
Administration Options ...
from the Tools menu.

The Administration Options... window has a number of sections to allow the mailtraq webmail admin to control numerous aspects of how the webmail system works.



        • Domain
        • Message Replies & Forwards
        • Self Registration
        • Messages
        • Search Message Contents
        • Anti-spam Options
        • Display






Each Mailtraq installation can have a domain name, and several domain aliases (for example, you might have registered and also or and
This dropdown allows you to select the domain name that should be used for all outgoing mail that WebMail users generate.
This list is drawn from the entries in the Mailtraq Console at Options | Server Properties | Server tab at the Domain Name and Domain Aliases entries.

Admins may also:

Allow Users to change their From: address
Allow Users to configure multiple profiles
Hide the Options page and other configurable settings
Hide Contacts and Address Books from Users
Hide Calandering from Users
Disable Enhanced Web Access (EWA)
Disable auto-save of messages to the Sent Items folder


Set the ability of Users to change their Passwords dependent on their Password Change privilege in the Console.

Message Replies and Forwards

Message Replies and Forwards

Allow users to modify their mailslot auto-responder
Allow users to configure automatic mail forwarding
Allow users to make their own selections for Replies and Forwads

Configure default Message Reply text.

Self Registration

Enable Self registration

Select Template User and Mailbox for new users
Set sign-up requirements for new registants


Set limits on number of recipients in outgoing mail
Add an X-Client-Ip header to all messages
Disable Spell Checker
Do not allow users to add Attachments to messages
Allow users without Relay Mail beyond this server permission to send to non-local recipients if they are in the Personal or Global address books, but make the Personal address book read-only.

Search Message Contents

It is recommended that you use the AFX Database if you need to search through significant amounts of mail.

Note: The content search operation is server intensive. Consider disabling it on environments with heavy usage.

Disable the Content Search Function
Set Maximum results to return (0 for unlimited)
Set Maximum time (in milliseconds) to allow for search operations (0 for unlimited)
Allow users to access their mailslot archives

Anti-spam Options

Control what Anti-Spam options users may configure in their options menu
Do not allow users to modify any anti-spam options
Allow user to specify their own anti-spam database


Show sub-folders from Shared Folders

Enter HTML code to display at the top of the screen

This feature makes it easy to serve your own page banner to EWA webmail simply by linking to an image served from an accessible website.

You must also set how high the image should be in the dialog.

For example:
You could create an image called webmail-head.gif which is 1017x79 pixels that displays your corporate logo, and locate that on your website.

You can simply call that image from this dialog:

<img src=>

You may enter any valid HTML code.


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