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When you are moving your organization's email sevices in-house and away from your ISP and you are worried about the cost and security implications of using hosted services, Mailtraq is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server.   Mailtraq email server provides the power and flexibility you need with a much lower TCO.  Mailtraq lets you escape from Exchange without having to move away from the familiar Windows operating system - and without the risks of going 'open-source'.

Organizations of all sizes need a reliable and flexible email system, and Mailtraq - the Complete Email Server - provides an ideal solution for most users. Mailtraq has been reliably providing the primary email server software to businesses, banks, government departments and organizations just like yours - in the USA, Europe and around the world since 1997.

Most  people will consider using Microsoft Exchange Server for their email server, however its high license costs, hardware and operating system requirements, and high administration costs mean it is neither affordable nor suitable for most users: Mailtraq Professional edition is your alternative.


Mailtraq 2.15 email server software is the next version of Mailtraq, the long-established alternative to Microsoft® Exchange Server for email, calendaring and co-operation. It installs on both server and desk-top versions of Windows and comes bundled with a series of added-value corporate tools.

Mailtraq 2.15 has been designed specifically to provide today's organizations with the services and tools they need - without the high costs of licensing, administration and support found elsewhere.

Corporate Advantage
Mailtraq will meet the email server and collaboration needs of your organization: large or small. Low license cost, no server CALs, easy administration give you a low Total Cost of Ownership, whilst still giving you the secure email, group ware and mobile access you need - read more ...

Extra features
Mailtraq, the complete email server, comes with a host of extras designed to make the best use of email messaging within your organization. Full-scale mailing list engine, user-defined Phrase Library, anti-spam system and anti-virus integration  - all at no extra cost - read more ...

Tech Notes
Mailtraq Professional is a Multi-threaded SMTP, POP3, IMAP and full Web Server. It comes with LDAP and Directory services plus Outlook synchronization, RSS out-feeds, anti-spam engine, DomainKeys & SPF support, anti-virus integration, integrated back-up and disk monitoring. A Cluster Gateway is provided free of charge for load balancing, multiple locations and IP Sharing - read more ...

Mailtraq is a well established, reliable email server, but a good support service is vital to your organization. Mailtraq has dedicated email professionals here to help you. Fast, friendly support for pre-sales, installation and current users is a core part of your Mailtraq experience - read more ...

Mailtraq Professional's ease of use and powerful feature set, coupled with its low license cost and ease of administration mean that your organization can move up to the level of email control and accessibility you need at a fraction of the cost you expected.

Read more about Mailtraq - the Complete Email Server - as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server in this section, or explore the Features section of this website for detailed information on the services provided by Mailtraq. 

For a more detailed analysis of the primary and other benefits, read:

 White Paper - Comparing Mailtraq to Microsoft Exchange Server

or simply contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements


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