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SMTP Services

Mailtraq's SMTP service installs automatically with a safe default configuration.

SMTP,    Authentication,   Mail Relaying,   Remote users,   Black Lists,   Dictionary attacks, Return Paths,   HELO,   rDNS Lookup,    Access Control,    Abuse,    Relaying-tab,   
 Reject Non local senders,


POP3 Services

The POP3 service provided by Mailtraq allows your email clients to collect messages that have arrived in Mailtraq from the Internet or from your local network and other authorized users

POP3 server and access controls


IMAP Services

IMAP stores all email  and folders on the server, which is perfect for accessing messages from  multiple locations - desktop, tablet and phone.

IMAP and Push-email Support for mobile devices



Premium anti-spam at no extra charge. Mailtraq provides the very best power features to  counter spam, that can be used individually or in combination. 

Anti-spam,    Address control,    Greylisting,    Connection Management,    DBL,
 Bayesian,   SpamAssassin,   DomainKeys


Web Mail 



Share Mailboxes and Folders

Address Books 


Active Directory support.



Manage schedules and appointments online through Mailtraq's webmail system. Private,  multiple and shared calendars. Free/busy sharing in Outlook and Outlook synchronization.

Calendaring,    Multiple & Shared Calendars,    Time Zones,    Calendar Maintenance,
 Free/busy sharing in Outlook


Address Books

Mailtraq provides multiple address books including Personal, Global and Local Directory

Address books,    Contacts and Directories,    Local Directory



Mailtraq integrates with the open source ClamAV antivirus system as well as the leading antivirus software for mail servers. The ClamAV integration gives FREE anti-virus coverage.

Anti-virus integration,    ClamAV,    Grisoft AVG,    Microsoft (MSE or Defender)


Services &


The Service Manager is displayed in the Console in the left-pane tree-view, and is used to  configure the core services running on Mailtraq.

Services,    Secure mail server TLS/SSL Support,    Certificate Manager.



Meet email compliance regulations, whether for regulatory requirements such as e-Discovery, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA or SEC, for risk management, or to cope with the ever rising threats of law suits.

Archiving,    True Archives,    Live Archives,    Journal/Copy, System Indexing,    System Archive,   Compliance Monitoring


LDAP Server

LDAP directory server for large contact bases in corporate, educational or large organizations

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)


User Services

Mailtraq makes User management  and accounting as easy as possible, plus AD support

User Management, User PropertiesActive Directory,Mail Groups: Accounting, Mailboxes, Maintenance




Mailbox services provide powerful tools for managing message flow and storage

Mailbox, Mail, Incoming Mail Filter, Aliases, Messages, Gateway to disk, Export Messages, Sharing, Folders, Filtering, Anti-spam, Blacklists, Archive, Indexing, Autoresponders


Active Directory

 Authenticate against a Windows Domain: Local and Remote

Local Directory operating system user database account creation and authentication


Scripting Access


Customize and extend the features and flexibility of Mailtraq with simple, flexible scripting 

Scripting, Getting Started, Script Syntax, Script Style Guide, Script Functions A-Z, Help with Scripting


Web Server

Host your own website or create an intranet web site withing your organization

Standards compliant HTTP web server with CGI support for PHP installation


FTP Server

 FTP is an efficient means of sharing files

Mailtraq FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, Configuring the FTP services


Proxy Server

Control access to the Internet, & control access to social networking and monitor web use

Web Access Control and access blacklists, TCP Proxy Tunnel


Outgoing Mail

Manage how mail is delivered from Mailtraq to remote mail servers

Outbox Properties, Delivery Options, SMTP Authentication, Static Routing Table, Message Throttling,
SMTP Bind IP, SOCKS Proxy Client, SMTP Settings, Delivery Moderation, Disclaimers, Outbox, Message Tracking


Incoming Mail

Configure how mail is handled as it arrives in Mailtraq - and what happens next. 

Inbox and Undelivered Mail, Barring, Re-writing, Sorting, Options, Backscatter, Alias File, Multiple-domains


POP3 Collection

Collect messages from another mail server and have them managed and routed by Mailtraq 

POP3 Collection services & Account Details, Message Routing, Mail Filtering, Black Lists





The Console provides the primary user interface for all the features in Mailtraq.

MMC Console, Remote Management, Management Reports, Monitor & Active Connections and Network Traffic



The main Management functions of Mailtraq are accessed from the Console 

Server, Admin-tab, Firewall, Server Restart, Database, Event Log, Live Backup, Free Disk Space Monitor, Internet Connection, Import Messages, Message Searching, Purge Deleted Items, News Services


Mailing Lists


CRM Mailing list server for sending messages to large groups of subscribers

Mailing Lists, ConfigAdvanced Features, CRM per Recipient Content, CRM Event Messaging, CRM Phrase System


Email Clients

Configuration advice on working with common email clients

Common email clients, Outlook, Thunderbird, K-9 for Android


Outlook Synch

MAPI connectivity between the users and calendar and contacts held on the server 

MOS - Mailtraq Outlook Synchronizer


Cluster Gateway

 Load Sharing, multiple locations and IP sharing using multiple Mailtraq installations

Mailtraq Cluster gateway, Load-sharing, IP Sharing, Installation guide


Mailtraq Highlights...
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 Groupware Services     Mailtraq groupware email services video Spam and Virus control     Spam and virus control email server video


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