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FTP Service

This dialog, added and then accessed from the Service Manager dialog, is used to configure the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service in Mailtraq. 


The FTP Service is used to enable FTP clients to view directories on local or remote hosts, the latter via the inbuilt FTP proxy.

Multiple FTP Service instances may be configured but each must operate on a different TCP/IP port.


Detailed technical information is available via the context [Help] button.


General Configuration


FTP Service permissions are set in the User Properties Privileges-tab dialog, on a per-user basis.

Allow Login Enables the user to log into the FTP server
Login to Homepage directory Logs the user into their Homepage directory instead of the FTP server root directory
Upload / Modify Enables the user to upload new files, or revisions of existing files, to any FTP server
Use the FTP Proxy Enables the user to connect to remote FTP servers via the FTP Proxy



Root Directory
Specify the base folder which the FTP Server delivers to clients in this edit box. Clients attaching to this service are not permitted to access directories below the specified root.

The default root is drive:path\Mailtraq\database\ftproot\ where drive: and path are as configured in individual installations of Mailtraq.

It is normal to configure an individual FTP directory for each user. This is entered at the User Properties dialog, in the Web HomePages / FTP Directory. The folder should be created before the path is entered.

This directory many be within the Mailtraq configuration or elsewhere with appropriate Windows access permission.



Accessing Files in the FTP Directory

It is recommended that a real FTP client is used to access files - there are a number of clients available - or you use the Command Line FTP available with Windows.

Web Browser

If your web browser supports FTP transfer you will be able to access the files in the User's FTP directory from the address-box of the browser -  ftp://user:password@location where location (where Mailtraq is installed) is either an IP Address (within the LAN or public) or a sub-domain with an A-record pointing to the public facing IP address of the Mailtraq machine.

You will then simply be able to browse to:

For example:  or ftp://jsmith:1234@

IE7 & IE8

To use FTP in IE7 & IE8 you will need to enable the FTP folder view in IE | Tools | Internet Options, Advanced-tab

Tools menu  Page menu

  1. In the address bar, type the following command:
  2. IE 7 will display a list of files and folders from the FTP domain
  3. To quickly save a file locally, right-click the file and select "Save Target As..."
  4. To manage the remote and locals files more completely, click the 'Page' menu button on the right-hand side of the IE 7 browser menu bar and select the option, "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer"  IE7 will not remember your username and password* and you will need to enter the ftp://username:password@domain again.
  5. A Windows browser window will now open, and you can now drag-n-drop the files from remote FTP server to local file system easily. 

*This fixed a security hole in previous versions of IE

Third-party FTP Tools

There are a number of third-party tools available that can be installed as a webservice to provide your users with FTP facilities without the use of formal FTP software.

These applets can be installed on a website hosted within Mailtraq itself, by simply adding an HTTP Web Service on an unused port, and creating a website there (Mailtraq Console | Options | Websites)

Note: Mailtraq does not evaluate or provide support for third-party tools.



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