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Import Message Wizard

Mailtraq allows you to import message stores from common applications and the System Archive direct to a Users Mailbox in the Console.

We strongly advise that you read this whole page before starting an import.

The Import Message Wizard is located in the Console, in the Tools menu. 

Mailtraq supports:...

  • Netscape Navigator 7.0/7.1 Mail Folder Format
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Mail File 
  • Unix mbox Format
  • Lotus Domino Export Format
  • Outlook PST - Private store
  • Mailtraq Firebird - for database migration
  • Eudora Mailbox Folders MBX

Mailtraq format messages addition to the ability to import messages from Mailtraq AFV (with and without a valid index file*), and  AFX Mailbox Formats.

Mailtraq version introduced improvements to Firebird Message Import for corrupted Firebird databases. It will restart when it hits an error, starting at a serial number one greater than when the error occurred. 


PST Import

In order to import messages from an Outlook pst file Microsoft require that a recent version of Outlook (Outlook 2003 or more recent) must be installed on the same machine as Mailtraq.

Outlook PST Import is Available from Mailtraq build 2046: check your build here       

This KB article by Microsoft explains how to locate your PST file 
This KB article by Microsoft explains how to create a PST file

Manual Import
This Mailtraq KB article explains how to manually import a PST file. Read how...

Exchange migration

Export the Exchange mailboxes to PST files using any of the standard methods, and then import them into Mailtraq using the stand-alone import tool

Configuration Tips


If you have custom folders in your pst file you should create the folders in the Mailtraq Mailbox before importing the messages. Mailtraq can attempt to do this for you - simply import the messages using the wizard, and Mailtraq will attempt to create the folder structure.

If this seems to fail, simply try to import them again. In the first pass Mailtraq will try to build the folder structure, but may report that 0 messages were imported as there was nowhere for them to go. Repeating the Import wizard should successfully import the messages into their folders.

Changes in the MS Security model on some operating systems may prevent a service - like Mailtraq - from accessing the PST file.
If that is the case you can manually import a PST file. Read how...

*Importing AFV files
If the files originate in the  System Archive or you have used the Mailtraq Mailbox Export tool it will have generated an .AFV/.IDX pair of files for each mailbox, so you should select that option in the above dialog.

Custom Folders
When you export messages Mailtraq does not automatically export any custom folders. If you wish to place the imported messages in the same custom folder as they were exported from you must manually do the following

In the old Mailtraq locate a folder like this:

C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\configuration\mailfolders

Shut down your Mailtraq.

Copy the \mailfolders to the matching position.

Restart Mailtraq.

Then Import the messages.




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