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Mail Tab
This tab, which appears on the Mailbox Properties dialog, is used to configure the autoresponse, mail forwarding and filtering options for mailboxes.

Send a copy of all incoming message to
(Mail Forwarding)
If this option is enabled, a copy of all messages which arrive in the mailbox is forwarded to the destinations entered into the associated list box. Multiple local or non-local addresses may be entered by separating them with commas, for example 'mybox,' (without the quotes) where 'mybox' is a local mailslot and '' may be local or non-local.

Forwarding internal mail (to local users) should, wherever practicable, be implemented using Aliases. Mailbox forwarding requires an additional pass through the inbound router in order to arrive at the destination mailslot whereas Mailtraq can identify all the recipients of a message during the first pass if aliases are employed. The use of mailbox forwarding is unavoidable in some circumstances, however it should be noted that Mailtraq increments its loop counter on messages each time they pass through its inbound router. Excessive use of mailbox forwarding (e.g. mailbox A forwards to mailbox B which in turn forwards to mailbox C) within Mailtraq can prematurely trigger Mailtraq's internal hop count mechanism and cause messages to be treated as undeliverable.

Mail Forwarding may also be set by the User from their webmail account if enabled by the Administrator.
Forwarding is part of the 'Options' menu in Webmail.

If you are not generally using webmail it is still possible to configure an HTTP service to allow Users to configure their Mail Forwarding. See this KB Article for details.

Delete from Mailbox
This option is linked to the Send a copy... option and, if enabled, Mailtraq deletes mail which is forwarded from this mailbox.

Set Sender
This option is linked to the Send a copy... option and, if enabled, Mailtraq sets the return-path for forwarded messages to this mailbox. This prevents Delivery Status Notifications 'leaking' back to the original sender. (From build 2764)

Send a copy of all outgoing messages to
This feature acts as a BCC, hidden from the User, and is intended to provide a simple method for monitoring User's outbound mail for general compliance purposes.
The feature matches messages for the named-mailbox.

Copy outgoing messages to the Sent Items folder
This feature copies outgoing messages to the Sent Items folder for use with IMAP. The feature matches messages for the named-mailbox

Automatically respond to mail
If this option is enabled Mailtraq sends an acknowledgement by mail to the sender of each message which is delivered to this mailbox. Care should be taken when responding automatically to inbound messages to avoid becoming a target of, or conduit for, abuse of the Internet.

Edit Reply
Click Edit Reply to change the text of the acknowledgement message.

Acknowledge Delivery Receipt Requests
Check this option to enable Mailtraq to respond to delivery receipt requests which may be attached to any messages delivered to this mailbox. There are significant security considerations which should be taken into account when automatic responses are made to messages received from external networks such as the Internet.

Incoming Mail Filter
Incoming messages can be filtered out from the mailbox. 


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