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Mailing Lists

The Mailtraq Professional CRM Mailing List System

Mailtraq Mailing lists provided as part of your Mailtraq License offer a perfect and cost-effective solution for a variety of tasks, from email marketing to group collaboration and announcements to message distribution.

What does it do?
Mailing Lists enable you to send one message to the Mailing List and have it manage the replication of that message to multiple recipients. Mailtraq has a very flexible mailing list system that makes it suitable for sending messages to small local groups or to very large lists for email campaigns.

Also read about simple Distribution Lists that allow Mailtraq standard-webmail Users to create their own lists of email addresses. That simple system is suitable for short mailing lists of people that you regularly send mail to, such as team members, family or friends. Mailtraq version and above.



Mailing List Types

There are four main types of Mailing List, in addition to the Basic Mailing List which can be configured for any purpose.

Distribution Group
This accepts mail from anyone and delivers it to all the group members or subscribers.

Mail Sharing List (Round Robin)
This accepts mail from anyone, but only delivers it to one of the group members at a time. It is designed for work-sharing in Sales or Support Teams.

Announcements List
This accepts mail only from Administrators, and subscribers can join by email.

Subscription Forum
This accepts mail from any subscriber, and subscribers can join by email.

List Wizard

Mailtraq has a Mailing List Wizard to help you configure your mailing list in the manner you wish with just a few simple questions, and there is extensive configuration assistance available from the [Help] button for fine tuning and custom management.

Also read: Advanced Features  and  Configuration Tips

Additional Information

Mailtraq provides very comprehensive mailing list facilities, equal to most dedicated expensive list processing software. The mailing list facilities support both open (anyone can post) and closed (only members can post) lists, ideal for discussion forums, announcement lists and work groups. Message pooling (where each message is delivered to only one subscriber) is also supported, ideal for handling facilities such as technical support groups.

Subscription By Mail

Mailing Lists can be automated to allows subscription by mail, and each subscriber can have their own properties. These control which messages they receive (or exclude), whether or not they wish to receive binary attachments, and options to receive summary digests in addition (or as an alternative) to ordinary mail.

Mailing List security is provided by user passwords, and new subscribers can be automatically confirmed to prevent malicious use. (A confirmation address is sent to the new address to which the user must reply.)

Subscribers can choose to hide their identity, in which case any reference to them will be removed from their messages. On the other hand, they can permit their name and details to appear in the public membership list, which can be retrieved by any subscriber.

Subscribers can also use other mail-commands to change and view their own properties.

Workload Spreading (CRM)

Using the round-robin distribution method, each message can be delivered to only one subscriber. For example, a sales mailing list could spread initial sales enquiries evenly between sales team members. This is an ideal Customer Relationship Management feature, which helps to ensure timely responses by allowing a group of users to handle mail for a single address (e.g.


Use announcement mailing lists to send out new information to subscribers. Subscribers themselves can join and leave as they wish. This is a good way to keep customers interested in your products, and keep them informed of the latest news and other events.



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