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Mailtraq Monitor

System-tray Icons

The Mailtraq Monitor is available with the MMC Console.
It is normally accessed by right-clicking the Mailtraq icon in the System Tray, by the clock

Starting the Monitor
If the system-tray icon is not displayed when expected, or if you have 'Exited' from the Monitor you may run the Mailtraq Monitor program from Windows Start | Programs.

The system tray icon also indicates the state of the Mailtraq service.
If the red stripe is showing it indicates that the Mailtraq service is not running (or that the monitor cannot connect to it). 

The green arrow indicates that it is running and the monitor can connect.


Mailtraq Monitor

The Monitor is accessed by right-clicking the Mailtraq icon in the System Tray, by the clock, and selecting 'Monitor Status' from the context menu that will open.

'About' links directly to Mailtraq's license information.
'View Event Log' opens the live Event Viewer. Read more... 

Service Control
The Mailtraq Service can be toggled on and off at the 'Stop Service'/'Start Service' control.

The Mailtraq Service must be stopped if you are performing maintenance on the file structure.

 Console Access

Mailtraq requires that you have an 'Admin' account that is the default owner of items. Its password is not, and should not be, the same as the Console password set at Console | Server | Admin

In order to connect to the Console you must be a user with System Admin Privileges - the default user is 'Admin'. You can also further lock the Console with a different password set at Console | Server | Admin.

Why two passwords?
You may have given a user System Admin privileges so they can make changes using the WebMail Admin interface (which offers a sub-set of the overall controls) but not want that person to have Console access.


The Properties dialog allows you to configure the Mailtraq Monitor to access remote instances of Mailtraq. 

Right-click on Tray icon and click "Properties". 
You have one icon for the "Monitor Local Mailtraq Instance" and one icon for each "Remote Mailtraq Instances" in the list, with a minimum of one icon. 

When you click "Edit" for an instance (local or remote) you get a little property dialogue and the second tab "Console Snapin" is a path to a specific .msc file (defaulting to the supplied .msc). 

So you can create a custom console (including login credentials) and save it to an .msc then put the path in this edit box.  Now you have a custom console when you double-click on an icon. 

Console access password
You see a notification from the Monitor similar to:

"Local Server
Invalid Credentials"

That means that you have a password set to access the Mailtraq Console (as in Options | Server... | Admin in the Require Password... section). You set the password by right-clicking on the System Tray icon, selecting Properties and then click Edit beside Monitor Local Mailtraq Instance

Monitor Status 

The Status Monitor gives access to graphs showing: number of Active Connections, number of Routed Messages, volume of Routed Messages (messages/second), Routed Message Volume (kb/sec) and Network Traffic (kb/sec).

More Reporting
More Mailtraq Reporting features are found here... 

Monitors can be enabled or disabled by right-clicking in the monitor area and selecting the desired check-box.


Mailtraq Configuration

The Mailtraq Configuration option is in the Windows Start Menu:

It gives access to the Mailtraq Service Control Panel. 

This panel enables you to Stop and Start the Mailtraq Service (also see 'Mailtraq Monitor' above).

Database Changes
It also allows you to change the Mailtraq Database Path and Database Type, when Mailtraq is stopped.

If this option is selected the current Database content will not move but will not be visible when Mailtraq is started.

You would use these options to create a new database for your Mailtraq installation - abandoning the existing one. Messages could be imported from the abandoned database using the Message Import Wizard.

Advice on moving your Database from one location to another will be found here:





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