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Migrating to AFX

Which database am I using?

You can confirm which type of data structure you are using by going to
Help | About Mailtraq and looking under the Version number.

AFX - the recommended default Database
If you are using AFX you will see AFX Database Engine
If you are using Firebird SQL you will see Firebird SQL/RDBMS
If you see AFV or no entry at all in this position is means that you
are using the AFV data stucture.

This information is also displayed in the Console at: Options | Server | Database


Current versions of Mailtraq

Manually migrating from Firebird or AFV to AFX
The AFX database was introduced in 2007.
Current versions of Mailtraq no longer include the 'Migration Wizard'
1 - Shut down Mailtraq and take a backup copy of the Database folder. 
The default location is C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database
Then 'restart' Mailtraq
2 - Use the Mailtraq Configuration option in the Windows Start Menu to [Change Database Type] to AFX.
3 - Use the Message Import Wizard to import the messages from the old Database.
You can import from AFX/IDX pairs or from the Mailtraq.FDB file
You can import a batch of AFV files and choose the mailbox based on
the filename. Import Messages also has the option to extract from .fdb files to multiple


Configuration Tips


Tip 1.)
Once you have upgraded to AFX records will no longer be written to the old database structure or mailtraq.fdb file.
As the contents of these files have now been imported into the new database you may dispose of them when you have confirmed that the import process and indexing have completed as expected. 
If you are using Mailtraq's online backup system you will also be able to delete the redundant files from each day's folder.

Tip 2.)
* If the import was accidentally stopped before it completes, the Upgrade Wizard will no longer be available.
To re-enable the Wizard, shut down Mailtraq and then run mailtraq.exe from the command line, or Windows | Start | Run thus:

"C:\Program Files\mailtraq\mailtraq.exe" -afximport

Mailtraq will avoid message duplication during "re-import" based on file name.



How to revert to Firebird



Once you have upgraded to AFX records will no longer be written to the mailtraq.fdb file, however if you decide that you wish to return to using Firebird, or if the Wizard fails and you need to try again you will need to make an adjustment to the Windows Registry entry for Mailtraq.

You should be familiar with the necessary precautions for editing the Registry before proceeding.

Locate the Mailtraq Registry entry indicated above, and to revert to using Firebird.

  1. Shutdown Mailtraq
  2. Rename the Registry folder AFX to AFX_new
  3. Rename the Registry folder FB_old to FB
  4. Restart Mailtraq

When Mailtraq restarts it will be using the previous Firebird database.
You will not have access to any messages that arrived in the interim period.

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