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Moderate Delivery


The Moderate option of Outbox Properties enables either All Messages or those that meet filter criteria to be placed in a mailbox for approval prior to dispatch.


In any organization you may need to pre-approve messages being sent by certain individuals who may be representing your business or whose email may engage you in a liability.


The Moderate capability enables you to manage message delivery straightforwardly.


You can use any of the standard filter criteria to manage how messages are selected for Moderation. The filter rules work the same way as they do in the 'Incoming Mail Filter'.
You can read about setting Filters here.



Method of Use

The usual method of work is to first create a Mailbox that will be used as the Moderator Mailbox. It is normal for this to be a dedicated mailbox for this purpose.

The Moderator Mailbox is then Shared with the person/s authorized to Approve the message. Approval can take place in the Console using the Approve button from the right-click context menu, but it is more usual to Approve messages using webmail.


The approving person should make the 'Approve' button available to use in the Webmail | Options | Mail Settings option.

In the same dialog they should set the tree view to show the number of messages and the number of unread messages. This feature is available in EWA webmail for users of Internet Explorer.

Learn how to enable IE Mode in Microsoft Edge ...



Operation is simple. The approving person will see that there are messages awaiting Approval.

They select the shared mailbox in the tree to access the message.

If they approve the message then they click the 'Approve' button and the message will be delivered as normal, and will be removed from the moderator mailbox.

The button is available from the right-click context menu. Multiple messages may be selected at the same time using the normal Windows controls for selecting multiple items.


If the message cannot be 'Approved' then it should be 'Forwarded' from webmail in the normal way either to the sender or to the person responsible for resolution. Forwarding allows the moderator to add a comment explaining why the message was not allowed.


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