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Using multiple domains

Mailtraq is most often used to route the email for a single domain, however Mailtraq can also be used to route mail for multiple domains.

Basic 'multi domain' configuration: keep usernames unique

Mailtraq will handle messages for the domain entered at 'Domain name' and any other domain that is entered in the dialog-box shown below titled "Domain Aliases and other machine names".

The username is the part before the @ in the email address. So, or

So Mailtraq will automatically accept mail for and without any further configuration.

Mailtraq's method of handling multiple domains is to treat them as simple aliases.  This means that, for example, mail for and mail for is all routed to the same mailbox john. This is the most common scenario and requires no further configuration.

If all usernames in Mailtraq are unique then again no further configuration is needed, but if you want to keep messages for the two 'johns' separate then you need to do the simple additional configuration described below.

Webmail and Multiple Domains

Mailtraq webmail allows you to control which domain is displayed.
There is more on this topic in Webmail - Domain Name Control

CRM Service and Multiple Domains

Mailing Lists and CRM services are only configurable using the Primary Domain.

Additional 'multi domain' configuration

Mailtraq's default method of handling multiple domains is to treat them as simple aliases. To avoid 'name collisions' the usernames should be unique in Mailtraq, as mail for and mail for is all routed to the same mailbox john.

How to avoid 'name collisions'

You may need a way of keeping the mail separate: you may want mail to and to go to separate mailboxes.


This solution can be extended to handle any number of users and domains.

Step 1.

Add the domains and to
Options | Server | Domain aliases and other machine names

Mailtraq will now accept mail for both domains


Step 2.

Create a User for each separate mailbox that you want. As you add a User a mailbox will be created


Console entry for showing User, mailbox, calendar and address-bookConfiguration note: It would be nice if the mailbox-name could be the same as the email address, however mailbox names cannot contain @ signs. So we use a simple naming convention, for example: john-this  for the john mailbox in and john-another for the john mailbox in
You may find it convenient to use the Mail Group feature to group Users' mailboxes in separate Domains together in the Console for administrative purposes


In each mailbox, enter an alias with the full email address.
For example:

In the Mailbox Properties for: john-this     
at the Aliases tab enter:

In the Mailbox Properties for: john-another
at the Aliases tab enter:


Configuration Tip:

If you were to create a User and a mailbox called simply john it will receive a copy of emails for both mailboxes. This is often very useful.


Collecting mail


The John who works in the domain sets his email client (for example, Outlook 2003) to collect his mail from Mailtraq from the mailbox called john-this.


The John who works in the domain sets his email client to collect his mail from Mailtraq from the mailbox called john-another



Sending Mail

User Information is not the same as Logon Information.

Using Outlook, Thunderbird etc

In ordinary clients (for example, Outlook) the Account settings control the From: Reply-to etc settings


Using WebMail
In Mailtraq webmail, if allowed by the Administrator, the user can set a Mail Profile in Webmail | Options | Mail Settings to their desired Domain. This may also be set by the Administrator and then the privilege revoked to lock the setting.
Setting your Mail Profile. EWA How to...  Standard How to...

For example: This means that John who works in the domain collects his mail from the Mailtraq mailbox called john-another and sends email as



Read more about this topic here



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