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Upgrading from 2.n to 2.7 and above

How to upgrade from a previous release of Mailtraq 2

Upgrading the program

If you are using a previous release of Mailtraq and you have current upgrade protection obtain your download from the 'Full Version' option on the 'Latest Releases' page or use the 'New Installations' option on the downloads page at your account at 

    1. Save the download
    2. Shutdown Mailtraq
    3. Take a 'safety' backup of the Mailtraq Database folder.
      The default location is 'C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\Database'
    4. Uninstall Mailtraq using the Windows Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.
      This will remove Mailtraq but leave the Database behind. Your messages and configuration are saved.
    5. Run the download.
    6. Restart Mailtraq if it does not restart automatically
    7. You may later archive or discard the 'safety' Database backup.

Now would be a good time to review your Backup policy

You will be able to upgrade to the new Database system after Mailtraq restarts.

After the Upgrade

Which Database to use?

It is not mandatory to change over from the older AFV/IDX system to use a newer Database - you may upgrade your installation to a new build without running the Database Upgrade Wizard discussed below.

You should consider upgrading the database if you use IMAP, Webmail or hold any significant amounts of messages within Mailtraq, or wish to use the Online Backup facility.
Read more about Databases here.

We recommend using the AFX Database unless you know of a specific reason why you want to use Firebird.

Upgrading the Database

The upgrade process will create new files which will contain a copy of all the mail in your current database.

  • Ensure your disk has enough space.
    (as a rough guide, allow approximately twice the size of the current database/mail folder - it shouldn't need quite that much, but you don't want to run out of space).
  • Ensure that the drive is defragmented before you start the upgrade - it can make a big difference to performance.

Mailtraq console - Upgrade Database WizardSelect the Database Upgrade Wizard from the Tools menu in the Console.
The Wizard will manage the upgrade process for you - it will first restart Mailtraq, and then run the upgrade process importing the contents of the mailboxes into the new files.

It is important that this task is not interrupted. If the task is cancelled, the import will need to start from the beginning - it cannot simply be resumed. Therefore, ensure that external agents (anti-virus software, backup software, Windows update, etc) are prevented from restarting the machine, or stopping Mailtraq.

The import task may take some time, depending on the speed of the machine and the size of the mail base. For example, if you have several GB of mail, it will take some hours.

The last step of the Upgrade will run the Indexing service. The Indexing Service continually processes all messages once they have been in the database for an hour. (Whilst initial indexing will take some time, this process can be resumed, so Mailtraq may be shut down during this stage if required)

During the import process your system may occassionally appear to stall or make heavy use of CPU. This is normal and does not mean that there is a problem.

Users may continue to connect to their mail slots and send and receive mail during the import process.

IMAP Users - Important Information

Messages will have to be downloaded again in most clients. 
Some clients may get incorrect cross-references until they force a synchronisation/re-download/etc.

After Upgrading

In addition to the Database Upgrade Wizard you will also find new entries in the Console at:

  • Options | System Mail Archive, where the default system archive settings are entered.
  • Options | Services | Mail Indexing Service
    Select and click properties to change the directories to be indexed and when the Index Service should run.
  • Tools | Search for Message, where the mail archive can be searched.
    Results are displayed in the Search Results.

There are also two new items in the tree in the left-pane of the Console.


The System Mail Archive holds the archived messages after they have been Indexed - messages are Indexed after about one hour. The Archive presents with a conventional Mailtraq mailslot view and controls, plus the ability to be able to right-click a message and select 'Recover from Archive'.

'Recover from Archive' places a copy of the message back into the mailbox from which it was archived with the original date stamp.


Search results from ToolsSearch for Message are displayed here.

Webmail Settings

If you wish to allow Users to search the mail Archive from their Mailtraq webmail client, you must log in as a User with Web Administrator privileges and enable it at 'Search message contents' in the 'Admin' section of the webmail system.

[x] Allow users to access their mailslot archives


Mailbox Archive Settings


During the upgrade process Mailtraq will take the settings at

Mailbox Properties | Messages | Expiry

and use those to configure the archive policy on a mailbox by mailbox basis.

You can adjust these at the Mailbox Properties | Archive tab.



Roll back from Firebird

Should you wish to roll back to the previous AFV file structure you may do so by shutting down Mailtraq, then removing the FB key from the Registry, and the mailtraq.fdb file from \Program Files\Mailtraq\Database
Messages received after the Upgrade will not be available.

Updated: 09-20-2005

To avoid confusion the object previously known as a 'Mail Archive' has been renamed 'List Archive'. Learn more.


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