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This tab appears on the Inbox Properties dialog and specifies how Mailtraq should handle large incoming messages. Copies of all incoming messages can also be forwarded to a specified address.

Executable Attachment Policy is described here.

Limit Inbound Mail Size
To limit the size of inbound messages for ease of handling:-

Check the Limit the size of inbound mail checkbox to activate the feature
Set the size in kilobytes above which messages will be broken into MIME partials in the Maximum Message size... edit box
Tick the Break messages into MIME... checkbox.
With this feature activated, Mailtraq produces separate messages, each of the size specified in the Maximum Message Size edit box, until the incoming message is fully received. Each partial message is subsequently routed in Mailtraq in the same way. Many mail clients can re-assemble MIME partials automatically on receipt.

If mail is being received via SMTP, the Large Message Safety facility may be used instead.

Copy inbound mail
Forward a copy of all incoming mail to [x] Checkbox
Mailtraq forwards a copy of all incoming email messages to a specified address if this feature is activated.

Tip: Retaining a copy of incoming mail is a useful adjunct to the built-in security features in Mailtraq.  See Archiving.

To forward copies of all inbound mail:-

Forward a copy... 
Choose an existing mailslot from the dropdown list.

A full email address, external if required, may be entered instead of choosing a mailslot.
Extreme care must be taken to avoid creating a mail-loop if an external address is entered which might now, or at some point in the future, automatically send mail to a system user.

'Incoming' is from the viewpoint of Mailtraq itself. Every message that passes into the Mailtraq on its way to the outside world as well as every message from the outside world on its way to your LAN is 'Incoming'. This also includes messages sent from one webmail user to another within Mailtraq.

Maximum number of mail hops
This setting controls the number of times which a message is permitted to travel through Mailtraq's router before it is deemed to be in a mail loop. All mail messages handled by Mailtraq are given an X-Hops: header which contains the current hop count. Messages stored in archives and mailboxes retain their hop count, which count will be further incremented if a stored message is either expired or dragged into another mailslot.

Configure Root Mail Group
Click this button to configure user defined mail groups and maintenance for the mailboxes associated with the mail groups.  
Read more about Mail Groups and their associated features here ...


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