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Web Server (Mailtraq Professional)

The Web Server is a standards compliant HTTP server that gives you the ability to host your own website or create an intranet web site within your organisation. Mailtraq even provides facilities to index your pages so that users can search for information.

Mailtraq uses its own fast and robust web server - not Microsoft IIS - so you are automatically protected from IIS exploits and hacking.

Running PHP in Windows without IIS
The web server in Mailtraq Professional can be a PHP Host, so you can safely host your own PHP web sites without IIS and without having to transition to a Linux environment.

Running a website or a company wide Intranet can be the ideal solution for information sharing. If you need to provide access to information throughout your organisation, why not take advantage of the browser technology already available on your machines?


Creating a new Web Site

Step 1. Create a new Web Service

WebMail will be running on Port 80 by default. If you wish to host a website it is most common to move webmail to a different port, say Port 8085, to free Port 80 for the new site. Find out how here ...

Otherwise, create a new web service like this: Options | Services and Add an HTTP Web Service.  More information concerning the configuration of the HTTP Web Service can be found in the Program context help.  
Do not click on Edit Web Sites until after clicking on the OK button first ( to activate the current service ) otherwise the Web site forms (below) 
will not list the current Web Service as being active.

Step 2. Create the new site

Options | Web Sites and choose New Site.  The newly created service should be listed as one of the possible services to use.  If you do not want to restrict the web site to a particular web service the catch-all option of Listen on Any Web Service can be selected.  

An important aspect is to configure the Web Site path to keep WebMail working.  In the Application tab configure the Standard Web Site Path to the WebMail directory found under the Mailtraq installation directory, if you need to adjust this manually.

Simple Example
Here is a very simple example website.

Create a new folder:
C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\website
within that folder \website folder create another folder called 'images'

Place an image called 'picture.gif' in the \images folder.

Placed a small HTML file in the \website  folder called:
'index.htm'  which contains the following text.

<img src="../images/picture.gif">

In Mailtraq create (for this purpose) a new HTTP service on Port 8085
In Options | Websites, create a 'New Site', with Properties set to:

Description - New Site
Listen on - 8085
[x] Standard Website Path -
C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\website

and leave everything else at the default, for now.

Then browse to the address: from the Mailtraq machine itself and see that the page is displayed correctly. You should see your text and image displayed in the Browser.

Ensure the website has 'Started'.
Adjust the Windows firewall if necessary.
Add ' to the Mailtraq LAN definition
Note the position of the images folder relative to the website path.

Working with PHP

How to run PHP in Windows without IIS.
There is a Knowledgebase article on working with Personal Home Page here...


Looking for Mailtraq Web Administration?


In order to access all of Mailtraq's facilities we recommend administering Mailtraq direct from the Console

Current versions of Mailtraq, version 2.16 and above, provide full remote console access by using a remote instance of the Management Console (MMC).

See this page for details:

User services
The services that Users commonly require - such as password changes, autoresponder configuration, etc are available to Mailtraq Professional users via the Webmail Options pages as allowed by the Webmail Admin.


Web-based User Management

'Remote' management of User accounts is normally conducted by the Mailtraq Administrator using a remote instance of the Console (see how...)

In some situations the Administrator may wish to delegate basic creation, deletion and password management to another user - for example, as school district may have many users joining or leaving at the end of a year, or a company may employ large numbers of temporary staff.

Mailtraq provides a web-based utility to allow this.


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