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Uninstalling - Reinstalling


In simple terms: the Mailtraq programs and the Database holding the data including the messages and the configuration are held separately. This means that it is a simple matter to uninstall Mailtraq and reinstall it without losing any data or configuration.

Q: Why would I want to do this?

A: The uninstall/reinstall procedure is usually the simplest way to correct licensing, missing files or other anomalies that occur during an ordinary upgrade, or if you should you have corruption problems with Windows or your Registry. The reinstall will provide you with a full set of up to date files, correctly registered, without you having to get involved in editing the Registry or the file structure.



Obtain your download from your account at or use the file otherwise provided.

You should download the same build number as you are currently using unless otherwise directed. 


Make a note of the Database format your current Mailtraq is using ( as you must reinstall to the same database format - and the default AFX format may be different to your current choice.

Also note your Installation Id ( in case you are asked for it during the reinstallation.


The file should look like this:


    1. Save the download
    2. Shutdown Mailtraq (see how...) and Exit the system tray 'Mailtraq Monitor'
    3. Take a 'safety' backup of the entire Mailtraq Database folder.*
      The default location is 'C:\Program Files (X86)\Mailtraq\Database'
    4. Uninstall Mailtraq using the Windows Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.
      This will remove Mailtraq but leave the Database behind.
    5. Run the download - make sure you select the same Database type if the Wizard asks.
      The Windows Firewall should be enabled  before you run the download. If you do not normally use the Windows Firewall you may disable it again after the installation completes.
    6. Restart Mailtraq if it does not restart automatically
    7. You may archive or discard the 'safety' Database backup.


Configuration Note:


If you have customized your version of Mailtraq - for example, by changing the graphics or text in webmail, then reinstalling may over-write those changes and you will need to apply them again.

*You will not normally use this 'safety backup' as the reinstall process  should automatically pick up the existing database. You would only need this if something unexpected was to go wrong during the install process - say an unexpected power failure - that might cause corruption.

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