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Remote Management

You may use the MMC Console in stand-alone mode with any existing Mailtraq from build 2832 onward. 

This enables you to remotely manage Mailtraq directly without using Remote Desktop, VNC, etc

Also in this section:

User management by administrative assistants...

Delegated Administration...


Full Remote Administration

Download the WiX/MMC version of Mailtraq from the Latest Releases page, and run the installer on your local machine (not the Mailtraq server).

Select the Custom option:

Then, when asked which program features you wish to install, select only the Mailtraq Console.

and then complete the Wizard.


Configuring the Remote Console

Open the Remote Console on the client machine by launching Mailtraq Monitor.

To monitor a remote instance:
Select 'Properties' and use the [Add] button to monitor a 'Remote Mailtraq Instance'.
You must authenticate using a user (Username/Password) with administration rights.

To monitor a Local instance:
Select 'Properties' and select  [x] Monitor Local Instance
Use the [Edit] button to set the Console password - if any.



Port access
The Console requires access via Port 7889 and you may have to adjust your router/firewall permissions.

Upgrading a Stand Alone Console

When you want to upgrade the MMC Console to a more recent build, you must first Uninstall the 'Mailtraq Messaging Server' using the Windows Control Panel 'Add and Remove Programs' on the remote machine  and then install the new download as described above.


User administration by administrative assistants

There is a common requirement in larger installations for HR administrative assistants or secretarial staff to be able to add and remove users from the system.

The web based Usermanager application enables this.


Download the Usermanager zip file.

Shut Mailtraq down.
Place a copy of the extracted usermanager.asp into the WebMail folder.
     C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\WebMail
C:\Program Files (X86)\Mailtraq\WebMail

Restart Mailtraq.

Browse to WebMail on that machine, for example:

And log on.

The user must have Web Administrator privileges:

You will then be able to see all users, to add a user, to delete a user and to change a user's password.

When you create a User you should select a suitable User as a template, and you must select a mailbox template, otherwise it will create a User, but no matching mailbox.

Delete means delete.

It is essential that a good backup regime is in place, so that if an admin assistant makes a mistake the top level admin can restore the previous Configuration.

When users are deleted their mail stores are retained until they are permanently purged.




Delegated Administration


Mailtraq Build 3490 and above has the ability to delegate administration without that administrator being able to browse users email.

It is logically impossible for an administrator with server access to be prevented from reading emails. They need to be able to do that to resolve problems, and in any case having server access means they can access the mail database stored on disk.

It is possible to manage the Mailtraq Console from a different computer on the network using a Remote Console. This is so the Mailtraq machine can be in a secure server room, but still be administered.

There is a defined state where this Remote Console can be used, but the user cannot read the mail in the mailboxes.


Using Build 3490 or above in the main Mailtraq Console Create a User who will have Delegated Administration rights.

In the User Properties they must be given System Administration Privileges as shown (plus as many of the other privileges as is desired - usually all).
Plus - check the box:
[x] Mask Mailbox Data

In the remote machine that will be used for 
Delegated Administration install a Remote Console. 

Connect the Console to Mailtraq using the local IP address of the Mailtraq machine
(eg: and the username and 
password of the 
Delegated Administrator.

The remote user will be able to administer the console but will not be able to browse the messages in the mailboxes or open and read messages in the mailboxes except for their own.


Delegated administration is designed to allow trusted assistants to administer mail services without being able to casually browse users email. Naturally a user with masked access to the Console still has the ability to create new mail routes, or otherwise subvert normal procedures. 


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