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Renewing Upgrade Protection

Check your Upgrade Protection status

Look at the Help | About Mailtraq dialog (see how here).

When you purchased Mailtraq it came with 12 months Upgrade Protection.

  • Upgrade Protection allows you to download upgrades to your Mailtraq installation from your account at 

    How to upgrade
    Find out how to Upgrade here: How to upgrade

  • Valid Upgrade protection is also required to obtain Support.


How to Renew your Upgrade Protection

1.) Access your account at

a. Follow the link in the Invoice you received when purchasing Mailtraq, or:

b. You may log into your account with the email address you registered with originally, and your password.

If you created a personal password for your account you should use that
or you may use the
Installation Id of one of your Mailtraq purchases.

2.) Locate your Installation in the account 'Home' Page

and click the blue underlined text to open the next window.

3.) If you have multiple Mailtraq installations check that you are working with the correct Installation Id

and click the [Purchase] button in the box titled 'Extend your Upgrade protection', and confirm the purchase when requested.


4.) Complete the transaction at the [Make Payment] button in the left column.

Your Renewal is not authorized until payment is made.


Invoicing and payment methods are explained at



Refreshing your License

Once we have received your payment our Accounts department 'authorize' your license. This normally happens within a business day.

You should then click the [Refresh] button in Help | About Mailtraq to make sure that your Mailtraq has updated its Upgrade Protection.


Why renew?

You need valid Upgrade Protection to receive Support and to access these new Features.

How to upgrade your Mailtraq...

2.17 Major New Features
SOCKS Server
SMTP out multiple IP support
High capacity outgoing router
Message throttling
Moderate messages

IMAP - multiple upgrades 
SyncML - New Android support
Maint. - Increased efficiencies
Improved phone support

2.16 Major New Features
High Security - SSL TLS update
IMAP - increased efficiency
New Console - suitable for all Windows operating systems
Delivery Monitor - easy to understand delivery reports
Monitor Status - Connections, Messages, Volume & Traffic
DNS Resolution - major updates

2.15 Major new Features
Greylisting - New anti-spam
SpamAssassin - service update
Webmail - address book updates
BlackBerry Support - improved
Anti-virus - major updates
Webmail - service improvements

2.14 Major New Features
iCalendar Support
SyncML server
Blackberry Support -
IMAP, Contacts and Tasks
Dictionary Attack - major updates

2.12 Major New features
Anti-spam - Connection Management
Anti-virus - Open source ClamAV support
Eudora import wizard
Anti-spam - SMTP rejection based on absence of RDNS record
SSL support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP
Anti-spam - controllable header line limit to SMTP service
Calendar based Autoresponders
ICS calendar invitations
Cluster gateway support

2.11 Major New features
Anti-spam - SpamAssassin 3.2 support
Vista edition introduced

2.10 Major New Features
IMAP Idle - 'Push email' support
Anti-spam - Improved POP3 Dictionary Attack prevention
Admin assistance - Disk Space Warning monitor
AFX database introduced

2.9 Major New Features
Anti-spam - SpamAssassin integration
DomainKeys integration

2.8 Major New Features
Outlook import wizard
New Phrase Library feature in Standard Webmail

2.7 Major New Features
Admin assistance - Database backup system
Introduced Enhanced Web Access webmail
Major Disclaimer update
Firebird Database introduced and numerous major service improvements from previous Mailtraq 2 releases.

For a full list of Features and updates since November 2001 go to



Notification options

From time to time we may email you with important service announcements (including notification of the expiry of your Upgrade Protection), and other product news and announcements.

If you do not wish to receive these messages you may opt out at the Change Notification Options dialog in your account at the 'Edit contact details' link.


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