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Introduction to Scripting

Scripting Interface (WiX/MMC Console)

Our most powerful scripting feature is the ability to administer every element of Mailtraq through a remote scripting interface at:

Tools | Execute Script

This feature can be very helpful when managing hundreds or thousands of users and with the self-documenting "intellisense" script editor it is easier than ever to build your own scripts. 

Please note that we no longer provide support services for Scripting.

How to Execute a Script

Scripts are executed from the Console, in the Tools menu at 'Execute Script'.

Enter the script into the window that opens, then use Script | Execute to action.


How to get started writing your own scripts

See Scripting introduction for more details on getting started writing your own scripts.

You will find detailed advice on this page in the right-column under 'Mailtraq scripting'.   ---->

Scripting example

You will find an example script for a simple task in the Knowledgebase. It can be used as a basis for designing your own scripts when combined with the Scripting introduction .





Additional Scripting Facilities

Internal Scripting

There is extensive help on creating and using scripts available from the Help menu within the program.

This is accessed from the Console | Options at Scripts and Templates ...

Mailtraq supports two scripting systems to enable you to customize Mailtraq's internal behavior and message handling:

1.) ActiveScript languages (JavaScript, VBScript, PerlScript etc)

ActiveScript support allows Mailtraq to provide an 'ASP' style web programming interface. Mailtraq's own WebMail and Calendaring service is written using this, and the source scripts are available as examples.

See an example ...

There are many books available covering programming in these languages, and whilst these references normally assume the host environment is IIS, much of what they contain will be applicable to coding in the Mailtraq environment. (Mailtraq does not require IIS to provide its web server functionality.) 


2.) The Mailtraq scripting language

The Mailtraq scripting language is used internally for processing a number of automatically generated messages (such as delivery failure warnings, welcome messages for new mailing list subscribers, etc). Administrators can edit any of these, and cusomise them for specific objects (such as lists). In addition, Mailtraq scripting facilities can be incorporated into templates.

The scripting language allows you to customise Mailtraq to your precise requirements. Whether you want to access files outside Mailtraq for automatic respones, process messages generated by Web Forms, or access databases -- the scripting language provides a means to do all this.

You can attach plug-ins to extend Mailtraq's facilities, allowing you to write your extensions in any language you choose. These facilities provide maximum customisation for any situation.






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