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Restart Mailtraq periodically
Enable this option to cause Mailtraq to restart itself at the specified time.
This tool is used to clear socket and memory allocations in Windows operating systems.
It is not normally necessary on current versions of Windows, but if you are suffering from problems with half-open TCP sockets this mechanism will release the sockets.
Using Restart on W7/8/10 and W2008/2012/2016
The current Windows security model may prevent Mailtraq from performing a scheduled restart. If that is an issue in your environment then you should install this Mailtraq utility.
Mailtraq Guardian
Mailtraq Guardian will restart Mailtraq for you if environmental factors prevent an automatic restart. 
It is not normally necessary.
Just unzip in the Mailtraq directory and run "MailtraqGuardian /install"
then "net start MailtraqGuardian"
It reads the configuration from the machine it is hosted on and checks all
SMTP, POP3 and IMAP non-SSL services that automatically start.  It checks
every two minutes and on three consecutive failures it starts a shut-down
/ start-up cycle (two minutes apart).
IMPORTANT: Manual Stops 
MailtraqGuardian cannot, of course, distinguish between a restart failure and a manual shutdown: you would need stop MailtraqGuardian via the Windows Task Manager before manually stopping Mailtraq. Otherwise Mailtraq will restart itself after you have stopped it. This could cause database or configuration corruption if you have stopped Mailtraq to perform some type of manual manipulation. 
Usage Tips
Half-open sockets are most often caused by TCP clients abruptly disconnecting due to network interruptions.
Timing - It is suggested that a scheduled restart be set for just before the normal working day to minimise disruption.

Alternative ways of stopping and Starting Mailtraq
Command line
To start the Mailtraq service from the command-line - at Start | Run enter:  
net start mailtraqservice
To stop the Mailtraq service from the command-line - at Start | Run enter:  
net stop mailtraqservice
Batch file
You can create a batch file, run as a Windows scheduled task, to stop and restart Mailtraq using the following:
net stop mailtraqserver
ping localhost -n 15 > nul
net start mailtraqserver
The 'ping' forces a delay in the restart to allow sockets to close before starting Mailtraq again. 'Ping' is used here as the simple 'wait' command will not force a delay. You can adjust the amount of delay to suit the local machine by adjusting the number of 'pings'.


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