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Static Routing Table

The Static Routing Table Tab, which appears on the Mail Routing Table dialog, contains the routing information which Mailtraq uses to delivery outbound messages. 


This dialog is most commonly accessed from:

Options | Outgoing Mail - use Custom Routing Table [Edit Table] button.













Mailtraq evaluates each message against the routes entered into this table from top to bottom. A message may match the specification of more than one route, therefore, but Mailtraq will always attempt delivery using the first matching route found only.

Filters can also be employed to further refine the route chosen by Mailtraq for the delivery of outbound mail.

Some ISPs require connection to specified ports and also might require that you 'Authenticate.

You can set a specific port in the Mail Hosts dialog with a colon


If you also need to Authenticate, click the  padlock-icon to access the Auth-dialog

The Static Route supports SSL/TLS in both Explicit (STARTTLS) and Implicit modes.

If you are using STARTTLS you must enable  'Advanced Outbound Router'.










Configuration Tips


To add a route:-

Click on Add
Select the new default entry in the list box
Enter the required route details (see Static Route Specification)
Position the new entry (if there are existing entries in the list box) by clicking repeatedly on Move Up or Move Down as required.
Click on Ok
To edit an existing route:-

Select an existing entry in the list box
Revise the entry as required
Click on Ok
To delete an existing route:-

Select an existing entry in the list box
Click on Delete
Click on Ok

Important: The lowest route in the table should always be a * (asterisk) route to handle all messages not caught by previously listed routes

Static Route Specification

The following details should be entered into the Static Routing Table Tab, which appears on the Mail Routing Table dialog. Filters are also available to further refine the route selected by Mailtraq for delivering outbound mail.

A route consists of the following fields:-

Address Spec
This edit box contains the address specification against which Mailtraq tests each item of outbound mail. The default entry of "*" (an asterisk) matches the address of all outbound messages. An entry of "" (without quotes) matches messages addressed to any user at the domain.

Use MX Host Lookups
If this checkbox is checked/ticked, Mailtraq will use MX Resolution to deliver outbound mail which matches the Address Spec. The Mail Hosts field changes name automatically to DNS Machines when the MX checkbox is ticked.

Local Area Network
If the outbound mail is addressed to a user on an attached local network this checkbox should be ticked and Mailtraq will deliver matching outbound messages immediately or in accordance with the Synchronised Online Times if that option is selected in the Online Tab.

Mail Hosts / DNS Machines
If the MX Host Lookups checkbox is unchecked, this field is named Mail Hosts and the name of an Internet Service Provider's mail server or smart host, usually in the form of "" (without the quotes), should be entered. Multiple Mail Hosts may be entered in the edit box, with each entry separated by a comma. If a TCP/IP port other than the standard SMTP port must be accessed on the remote mail host, the port number should be appended to the mail host with a delimiting colon in the form of "" (without the quotes).

If authentication is required with the specified Mail Hosts, this can be configured via the padlock  icon. 

SMTP Client Authentication

If the MX Host Lookups checkbox is ticked, this field is named DNS Machines and the names of suitable machines should be entered. If more than one machine is available, multiple machines may be entered, separated using commas. The correct names of DNS Machines to use are normally specified by an Internet Service Provider.

For example:-,

or their equivalent IP addresses:-,

Cache for (n) days
This field is available only if the Use MX Host Lookups field is checked. Mailtraq places MX Resolution results in the Dynamic Routing Table (MX Cache) and this field determines how long Mailtraq continues to use that information before performing another lookup. The default value for this field is 2 days.

Keep trying every (n) minutes
The setting in this edit box determines the amount of time that Mailtraq waits between outbound mail delivery attempts. The default value for this field is 60 minutes.

For up to (n) hours
This setting, in conjunction with the Keep trying every... field, determines the number of delivery retries that Mailtraq will make. The default value for this field is 96 hours.

Notify after (n) hours
Mailtraq uses the delivery_delay.tpl template to inform the sender that their outbound mail has been delayed after the number of hours specified in this field. The default value for the field is 24 hours.

Fallback on default smart host....
If Mailtraq fails to deliver matching outbound mail via the specified Mail Hosts, the mail is delivered to the Remote Server (as specified on the Remote Mail Server tab of the Outbox Properties dialog) if this checkbox is enabled. This option should not be enabled if mail delivery is being effected via MX Lookup on a route because it prevents messages being queued in the outbox if the initial delivery attempt fails for a non-fatal reason.

Advanced Settings

The Static Routing Table entry which Mailtraq selects for the delivery of outbound mail can be further refined by attaching a filter, or number of filters, to each route, if required.

To add a filter to a selected route:-

Click on Filter to display the Filter Settings dialog
Choose a filter from the dropdown list of Filter Criteria
Add a filter value to the edit box which is then revealed
Determine how the filter condition is to be interpreted by choosing an entry in the Match dropdown list
Steps 2-4 can be repeated to set multiple filter matches
Click on Ok

To edit an existing sort filter:-

Click on the required entry in the list box
Click on Filter
Adjust the filter fields as required
Click on Ok

To delete an existing sort filter:-

Click on the required entry in the list box
Click on Filter
Click on Clear in the Filter Settings dialog
Click on Ok

Read more about Filters here

Dynamic Route Example

Mail Exchangers,
Expiry 03/02/2006 15:59:00

This example entry shows that Mailtraq has retrieved two mail hosts for during MX Resolution with being preferred. This entry will be reused by Mailtraq for mail deliveries to until the entry expires from the cache on the date and time shown in the Expiry column.

The expiry time is a compromise setting which attempts to speed up mail delivery by reusing previously obtained information but which also risks that information becoming out of date which may then cause Mailtraq to deliver mail via the slower smart host route.

A route can be disabled temporarily by adding a number of # characters to the front of the address specification. For example, to disable the existing route for the Address Spec edit box could be altered to read "".




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