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Traditional Console

The console provides the primary user interface for all the features in Mailtraq. It also provides a real time display of Mailtraq's activities and enables all stored messages to be viewed. Also, every Mailtraq feature which is configured via property dialogs can be accessed via the console.

Console Versions
In late 2009 Mailtraq introduced a Console  based on the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for use with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008, in addition to the Traditional Console for NT/XP/2003.

The MMC Console is suitable for use with all versions of Windows and it is recommended that users of older versions of Mailtraq transition to the new MMC Console as they upgrade to version 2.16, and above.

Read about the features of the MMC Console here:



We recommend transitioning from the Traditional Console to the MMC Console.

Transitioning to the MMC Console from the Traditional Console is straightforward.
Obtain your download from the 'WiX/MMC Edition' option on the 'Latest Builds' page here...

You should download the same build number as you are currently using.

The file should look like this:

    1. Save the download
    2. Shutdown Mailtraq
    3. Take a 'safety' backup copy of the entire Mailtraq Database folder.
      The default location is 'C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database'
      We do not recommend relying on your regular daily backup, as
      that may be in a compressed format and not readily swappable.

    4. Uninstall Mailtraq using the Windows Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.
      This will remove Mailtraq but leave the Database behind.
    5. Run the download.
    6. Restart Mailtraq if it does not restart automatically (see how...
    7. You may archive or discard the 'safety' Database backup. 


The following information is provided for reference for older versions of Mailtraq

Traditional Console
The Traditional Console, illustrated below, is suitable for use with versions of Windows up to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The Traditional Console uses a plain system-tray icon.


Opening and Closing the Console
Mailtraq's console is normally a hidden window but can be displayed by selecting Mailtraq Console from the drop down menu of the Mailtraq icon in the System Tray or simply by double-clicking on that icon. The console may also be displayed by clicking on the console loader shortcut in the Mailtraq folder installed in the Start Menu (or by its shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+M There may be a short delay), or by launching the Mailtraq Console applet in Control Panel. The console can be removed from the desktop without affecting Mailtraq's activities in any way by choosing Close Console from the File Menu in the console. 

This view of the Console shows the Service Manager* opened ready to Add a new Service)

*Service Manager: This dialog is opened from Options | Services . The Service Manager dialog, accessed by selecting Services... from the Options menu is used to configure the core services running on Mailtraq.


Obtaining older downloads
We recommend that all users transition to the WiX/MMC Console, however if you have a particular need to retain the Traditional console you may obtain downloads for the Traditional Mailtraq Console here...


Upgrading a Traditional Console
Download the file from the page linked above.

Files are in the format: MailtraqUpgradennnn.exe

1. Shutdown Mailtraq

2. Take a 'safety' backup of the Mailtraq Database folder. 

The default location is:
'C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database'

We do not recommend relying on your regular daily backup, as that may be in a compressed format and not readily swappable.

3. Run the download

4. Restart Mailtraq if it does not restart automatically.


You may archive or discard the 'safety' Database backup.




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