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The Public Facing IP address of this machine as reported by your router is

This is the IP Address you should use for setting your MX Records and rDNS settings

Mailtraq is fully compatible with all current Windows versions.

Administering Mailtraq remotely?    Read here for more information

Using desktop anti-virus (eg McAfee™, etc)?   Make sure you allow
access to Port 25. These anti-virus programs close Port 25 which
is essential for the transfer of email by SMTP



Evaluating Mailtraq

Thank you for evaluating Mailtraq. You will receive a time-limited, but fully-functional version of Mailtraq, so you can fully configure it and use it in a live scenario (see Testing below).


  • Initial Configuration - use the Getting Started Wizard in the 'Help' menu.
  • Add more users - from Users in the 'Options' menu.
  • Adding IMAP, LDAP etc - go to Services in the 'Options' menu.
  • Email client configuration is described in the Knowledgebase
  • Allow Mailtraq traffic through your Firewall

Getting Started

  • Getting started with Webmail
  • Getting started with IMAP
  • Getting started with POP3

Problem Solving

Troubleshooting - Mailtraq Support FAQ

Next Steps - when you are ready

Then: checkout the neat high-value Business-service features you'll love to use (read more)



Evaluating in parallel

How to test Mailtraq on your network (if you already have another mailserver installed).

Help and Support

Use the FREE Mailtraq Community Forum:

If you should need assistance during your evaluation, contact our pre-sales enquiry team for free support. However, many basic issues are covered in the Help File which is installed with the products, and in the Features section of the website, where there are knowledgebase articles, and product tours to help you get started.

After the 30 day evaluation - going live

When you have completed your evaluation, you can purchase an Installation Id license - which will work without a time limit. Simply return to the site and purchase the license you require. You will be able to keep all the configuration settings made during your evaluation period, so the transition from trial to operation is seamless - to activate all you need to do is enter the new Installation ID into the Help | About Mailtraq dialog.


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