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Upgrading & Upsizing

How to obtain an upgrade to a more recent version of Mailtraq

See detailed information here:


How to Upsize - and - How to Add Proxy

Upsizing to a larger number of users - and from Essential to Professional - and add the Proxy Option

You may Upsize your license from your existing edition simply by paying the difference between the list price of your current license and the license you want to have.

However, if your upgrade protection has lapsed, you must renew your upgrade protection
(read how) before you can upsize your license.

See here how to check the status of your Upgrade Protection.

Upsizing a Mailtraq installation

  • Step 1. Go to your account page at
    (Login with your email address and password, or the Installation Id of your Mailtraq).

  • Step 2. Locate the box on your 'Home' page called 'Installations'. Click on the name of your Installation (you may have more than one). A new page will open, showing you the upgrade options available and how much it will cost.

  • Step 3. Click the 'Buy' button next to the Upgrade you want, and follow the on-screen instructions.

What happens next?

Your Upsize is immediately available to you - simply go to Help | About Mailtraq and click the [Refresh] button to update your Mailtraq. Read more ...

You must now pay for your download; otherwise Mailtraq will automatically stop working within 30 days.
You may pay online by credit card or you may mail us a check.

Select [Make Payment]  on your account page. Full details are shown on screen. An invoice is available online if you are paying by check. Read more...

Upsizing your license not only increases the number of Users and/or the edition of Mailtraq you are using, it will also entitle you to Upgrade to a more recent build which may give you additional functionality without any additional payment.

Simply follow the instructions outlined above to obtain your Upgrade and how to install it.

Additional licensing information

Upsizing from an edition 'with Proxy' to an edition 'without Proxy'

This is not a permitted upsizing route.

For licensing purposes the proxy is treated separately from the edition.
If you have previously bought the proxy, you cannot 'return' it to us by upsizing to a version without the proxy.
Once the license has been authorized the Proxy becomes an integral part of your Mailtraq. There is no way to 'turn it off' or remove it.

Therefore, if you have a license which includes the Proxy option, you can only upsize to an edition which also contains the Proxy.


Also: You cannot downsize a license - for the same reason.


Mailtraq licenses are server licenses, each valid for installation on one machine.
You cannot combine previously purchased licenses.

Example Upsizing Rules for Proxy Editions


Essential -> Essential with Proxy
Professional -> Professional with Proxy
Essential with Proxy -> Professional with Proxy

NOT Permitted:

Essential with Proxy -> Professional (without proxy)
Professional with Proxy -> Essential with Proxy
Professional with Proxy -> Essential (without proxy)
Essential with Proxy -> Essential (without proxy)



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