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How to Upgrade


What Version of Mailtraq am I using? Do I have valid Upgrade Protection?    Find out here


How to upgrade a current version of Mailtraq
(and how to upgrade Mailtraq 2.7 - 2.15 to Mailtraq 2.17+)


You need valid Upgrade Protection 
Mailtraq comes with 12 months Upgrade Protection, and you need to have current upgrade protection to obtain an upgrade.

You can renew your Upgrade Protection here ...

Getting the Upgrade
You get the upgrade from the 'Available Downloads' on the downloads page at your account at   See details below


Mailtraq 2.16.2  introduced a Console based on the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for use with all editions of Windows: NT/XP/2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008. Read more about Consoles here...


It is recommended that users of older versions
of Mailtraq transition to the new MMC Console.


If you have questions about upgrading your Mailtraq, please contact support

If you are upgrading and also moving your Mailtraq to a new machine, please read the advice on Moving Mailtraq...

 A.) Get the new Upgrade

Use the link you have been given, or...

1.) Access your account at

a. Follow the link in the Invoice you received when purchasing Mailtraq, or:

b. You may log into your account with the email address you registered with originally, and your password.

If you created a personal password for your account you should use that
or you may use the
Installation Id of one of your Mailtraq purchases.

2.) Locate your Installation in the account 'Home' page

and click the blue underlined text to open the next window.

3.) At the next screen, click the [Download Mailtraq] button. 
      If you have multiple Mailtraq installations check that you are working with the correct Installation Id.

4.) The 'Available Downloads' screen will open.


We recommend that ALL Mailtraq installations now use the MMC Edition


B.) Method

First - identify the Console you are upgrading. Read how here...

If you have a Traditional Console you will need to transition to the MMC Console.
Read how here...

Then, in your Account locate the box titled 'Available Downloads', and select the option you desire.
Click the blue underlined text to download, and at the Windows prompt that follows, confirm the 'Save' to download the file to your Mailtraq machine.

Upgrading an Existing WiX/MMC Console
Download the 'Latest version' file from here, or use the download provided by Support, or use the use the method  above.
The MMC Console does not require different downloads for Installing and Upgrading, so you always use the WiX/MMC 'setup' edition & method whether it is a new install or an upgrade.
Files are in the format: MailtraqWixSetupnnnn.exe

1. Stop Mailtraq Service
Select Stop from the Service Control in the Windows Start menu. The Windows taskbar 'Mailtraq Monitor' icon will change from running  to stopped      Then right-click & Exit the Monitor to close it.

2. Take a 'safety' backup of the Mailtraq Database folder. See 'Tips' below...

The default location is:
'C:\Program Files (X86)\Mailtraq\database'
'C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database' for very old installations.

We do not recommend relying on your regular daily backup, as that may be in a compressed format and not readily swappable.

3. Run the download 
4. Restart Mailtraq if it does not restart automatically.
You may archive or discard the 'safety' Database backup.

Upgrading a Traditional Console
When upgrading a Traditional Console to the MMC Console, you should first check you are using the AFX database - and if necessary change to AFX (see how) before continuing.
It is important to change over to the AFX database before upgrading, as the Database Migration Wizard is not available in the new Console
Download the same 'Latest Release' file highlighted above.

Files are in the format: MailtraqWixSetupnnnn.exe

1. Shutdown - stop -  Mailtraq

2. Take a 'safety' backup of the Mailtraq Database folder. 

The default location is:
'C:\Program Files (X86)\Mailtraq\database'
'C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database' for very old installations.

We do not recommend relying on your regular daily backup, as that may be in a compressed format and not readily swappable.

3. Run the download

4. Restart Mailtraq if it does not restart automatically.

When Mailtraq restarts it will be using the MMC Console (read more... ). 

You may archive or discard the 'safety' Database backup.


Tips and Troubleshooting

Using Pre-release Editions

Unless otherwise advised by Mailtraq Support we recommend using Release versions in Production environments. Pre-release versions are normally stable, but have not necessarily been fully tested. Please contact Support if you would like to use a pre-release version to access new features, and we will be happy to make a recommendation.

Quick Upgrade with Valid Backup

If you have a valid daily backup and wish to skip the 'copy the \database folder' step to save time, then at a minimum you MUST use the Console Tool to take a snap-shot backup of your Configuration before upgrading.

This is almost instant and gives you a valid configuration Restore-point.
Read how to use the Configuration Backup tool here...

We recommend storing the configuration-backup file permanently in a safe place.

1 - Stop the Mailtraq Service.

2 - Exit the system tray icon - 'Mailtraq Monitor'

3 - Run the MailtraqWixSetupnnnn.exe download


Windows Firewall Error
While running the installer you see:
"Error 25580 cannot connect to Windows Firewall."

The error implies that the Windows Firewall is not installed or has been stopped.
Windows security now requires that the installation package enters a profile in the Windows Firewall to allow Mailtraq to host services, even if you are not currently using the Windows Firewall. Use the Windows Service Control Panel to start it before installing so that it can be correctly configured.

You can turn off the Windows Firewall after installation, if you do not wish to use it.

Port access
The Console requires access via Port 7889 and you may have to adjust your router/firewall permissions.

Backup Policy

Now would be a good time to review your Backup policy   


Why upgrade?

2.17 Major New Features
SOCKS Server
SMTP out multiple IP support
High capacity outgoing router
Message throttling
Moderate messages
- multiple upgrades 
SyncML - New Android support
Maint. - Increased efficiency
Improved phone support
Multiple high efficiency improvements

2.16 Major New Features
High Security - SSL TLS update
IMAP - increased efficiency
New Console - suitable for all Windows operating systems
Delivery Monitor - easy to understand delivery reports
Monitor Status - Connections, Messages, Volume & Traffic
DNS Resolution - major updates

2.15 Major new Features
Greylisting - New anti-spam
SpamAssassin - service update
Webmail - address book updates

2.15b Major New Features
Anti-virus - AVG 8 support
Calendaring - Enhancements
Performance Improvements to outbound mail delivery monitoring
High performance message import with routing and the ability to monitor a folder

2.14 Major New Features
iCalendar Support
SyncML server
Blackberry Support -
IMAP, Contacts and Tasks
Dictionary Attack - major updates

2.12 Major New features
Anti-spam - Connection Management
Anti-virus - Open source ClamAV support
Eudora import wizard
Anti-spam - SMTP rejection based on absence of RDNS record
SSL support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP
Anti-spam - controllable header line limit to SMTP service
Calendar based Autoresponders
ICS calendar invitations
Cluster gateway support

2.11 Major New features
Anti-spam - SpamAssassin 3.2 support
Vista edition introduced

2.10 Major New Features
IMAP Idle - 'Push email' support
Anti-spam - Improved POP3 Dictionary Attack prevention
Admin assistance - Disk Space Warning monitor
AFX database introduced

2.9 Major New Features
Anti-spam - SpamAssassin integration
DomainKeys integration

2.8 Major New Features
Outlook import wizard
New Phrase Library feature in Standard Webmail

2.7 Major New Features
Admin assistance - Database backup system
Introduced Enhanced Web Access webmail
Major Disclaimer update
Firebird Database introduced and numerous major service improvements from previous Mailtraq 2 releases.

For a full list of Features and updates since November 2001 go to

How to Upgrade an older Mailtraq to a current version

Mailtraq 2.7 introduced a new Database structure for Mailtraq Professional

When upgrading very old versions of Mailtraq, that is Mailtraq 2.n - Mailtraq 2.6 follow the procedure for Transitioning (read more... )

If you have questions about upgrading a Mailtraq prior to Mailtraq 2.7  please contact support

How to Upgrade a Trial Version to access pre-release features 
Also how to access non-standard trial licenses

When you download a trial from the website and you look at the Installation Id you may see that it is 0000-0000-0000-0000

If that is the case you need to get an Installation Id to access a trial version to of Mailtraq.
You need to create an account here:

From your account there you will be able to use the [Purchase or Try] button in the left menu, select the version and size of Mailtraq you wish to try (the standard download is Mailtraq Professional 50-users with Proxy) and check the 30-day trial box at the bottom of the page.

After you have confirmed your actions and returned to your 'Installations' page, you will have access to all the builds available from the [Download Mailtraq] button - as described above.

New Installation Id
You will be able to download the latest pre-release version and install it as described at the head of this page. You will also be provided with an Installation Id which you can use to update your current download as explained here:

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