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User Properties

This tab, which appears on the User Properties dialog, configures the username, password and, optionally, the web folder properties of the user. Access the dialog by right-clicking on the 'user' in the Console left-tree, in the Users section

Login User Name
The Login User Name will be required whenever the user accesses facilities such as Web Administration or Web Proxy.

Full Name
The Full Name entered into this edit box is used for descriptive purposes only.

Enter the password which will be required from the user to match the User Name they enter.

Password advice
Make sure you have 'strong' passwords for all of your User accounts including the default user account 'admin'. Don't use simple words as passwords, always combine letters and numbers or punctuation.  Read more...

See also: Dictionary Attack Prevention

Allow users to change passwords via webmail

Users can change their own passwords from the Options page in their Webmail account. Standard webmail is shown above - there is a similar dialog in EWA Enhanced Webmail. 
This changes the User's Webmail login AND their mailslot (POP3, IMAP, AUTH) password.

This feature must be enabled in the Webmail 'Admin' account in the 'Domain' section.

Authorise via NT User Database
Select this option to configure Mailtraq to perform user password verifications and Mailtraq mailslot password verifications for this user through NT. The Import/Auto facility must be enabled in the User Manager dialog for this feature to be available.

Web Home Pages / FTP Directory
If the user maintains an individual home page, the root folder for that home page should be entered to the Web Home Pages edit box.
Similarly for the FTP Directory.


This tab, which appears on the User Properties dialog, configures the range of newsgroups to which licensed users have access for reading and posting. Note that the range of newsgroups available to users is restricted to those to which Mailtraq has itself been subscribed.

Two list boxes are presented, the upper one controlling the newsgroups to which the user has read access and the lower one controlling the newsgroups to which the user has posting permission.

This tab, which appears on the User Properties dialog, sets the configuration permissions for the user when using the FTP Service, SMTP Service, HTTP Service and the Web Administration facilities in Mailtraq.

Configure Mailbox Autoresponder
Allow user to set and revoke out-of-office auto-response messages .

FTP Service
Allow Login Enables the user to log into the FTP server
Login to Homepage directory Logs the user into their Homepage directory instead of the FTP server root directory
Upload / Modify Enables the user to upload new files, or revisions of existing files, to any FTP server
Use the FTP Proxy Enables the user to connect to remote FTP servers via the FTP Proxy

HTTP Service
Allow Scripts in Homepages Enables the user to embed scripts in HTML which are executed by Mailtraq when opened in a web browser
Use the Web Proxy Enables the user to access Mailtraq's Web Proxy and/or SOCKS server by quoting their username and password

SMTP Service
Relay Mail beyond this server   Enables the user to use SMTP Authentication.
This is enabled by default and allows a user to send mail to an external domain if the SMTP service in Mailtraq they are using has 'SMTP-Auth'  enabled. Revoking this privilege will stop external relay on 'SMTP-Auth' services, but not on basic SMTP services that just rely on LAN authentication.
See SMTP-Relaying-tab for more information.

Web Administration

Mailtraq Professional
Password changes may be made by the user from their webmail account at the Options | Password setting.
Mailtraq uses the same password for all services: POP3, IMAP, WebMail, FTP, etc


  • Change Mailbox Auto-Expiry Enables the user to change the settings on the Message Expiry tab of their owned mailslots
  • Change Mailbox Password Enables the user to set passwords on their owned mailboxes
  • Change Mailbox Description Enables the user to change the description field in their owned mailslots
  • Configure Mail Forwarding Enables the user to forward messages which arrive in their owned mailboxes to any address, internal or external
  • Configure Mailbox Autoresponder Enables the user to change the response message given by autoresponders on their owned mailboxes
  • System Administration Privileges Enables the user to act as system administrator and alter the properties of other users

User Properties - Mail-tab
This tab, which appears on the User Properties dialog, configures access allowed for this users WebMail access, selection of the Mailtraq mailbox to be used with WebMail and displays any IMAP shared mailboxes.

Enable WebMail login for this user
Click the checkbox to allow the currently selected user to login to via WebMail. 

Primary Mailbox
The primary mailbox is the mailbox to be used by default by Mailtraq for this user.  The email address associated with this Mailbox will be used as the user's return address and Webmail will use the mailbox by default.

IMAP Access Shared Mailboxes
This is the list of shared mailboxes the currently selected user is associated with and the permissions given to the user.  To change the permissions and/or sharing of the IMAP mailbox, view the Mailbox properties of the shared mailbox.

This tab, which appears on the User Properties dialog, enables the user account to be expired at a specific date or following a predetermined period of inactivity.

User expires on a specific date
Check this option to expire the user on a specific date.

Days after creation
Set the number of days after which the user account is to be expired with a default of 365 days. The calendar control adjusts automatically as the spinner control is activated. The Date dropbox reveals a calendar control from which any date may be selected. The days setting in the spinner control adjusts automatically to match the date selected but with a maximum of 9999 days.

User expires after not logging in
Check this option to expire the user if they fail to log in for a specified period. Set the number of days after which the user account is to be expired in the associated control.

Last Login
This informational field displays the date and time at which the user last logged into Mailtraq.


See Directory & LDAP section



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