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User Management

What is a User ?

A "User" represents one person or device licensed to use the services provided by Mailtraq within an organization. They are represented in the Mailtraq Console as a User entry in the left-pane tree and in the User Manager (below).

Each User has one Primary blue-flagged mailbox. Mailboxes appear in the Console as  to indicate a Primary mailbox. Each Primary mailbox can have mail collected from it by an email client, and counts as a User mailbox for licensing purposes. There must be one User and Primary mailbox created for each person or device collecting mail.

Mailtraq keeps track of the number of users created in the Help | About dialog.

Mail Groups
Mailboxes can be logically grouped in the tree-view of the Console, by creating Mail Groups (see how) and simply dragging the mailboxes into position. Mail Groups allow accounting and maintenance functions, and also simplify mailing list management for local users.

Extended uses
Where Mailtraq is installed in an extended use scenario, for example as an anti-spam relay, mail relay, mail archive, mail passthrough or similar uses, it is necessary to have a license sized for the number of beneficial users of the service, even if there are no user accounts created within the Mailtraq console itself.

Managing Users

Users are managed by selecting Users... from the left-tree Menu in the Console .

User Properties

Users are displayed in the tree by expanding [+] the Users entry.

Users can be added in three ways.

1. New: Simply, right-click, 'New' and select User, and follow the wizard.

To delete an existing user:-
Select the user in the display and right-click, then select [Delete].

To edit the properties of an existing user:-
Select the user in the display and right-click, then select [Properties].

To configure the properties applied to all guest users, click on Guest User Properties  to display the User Properties dialog.

The guest user properties define the access permissions to services and facilities when no user logon has taken place. For example, the Guest Web Proxy permission must be enabled to allow any PC on a network to use the web proxy facilities without logging on. Likewise, guest access must be enabled to be able to use anonymous login with either the FTP Service or the FTP Proxy. For security, the default settings for all properties for Guests are disabled.

2. NT Users (Automatic User Account Creation)

See > Features > User Management > Active Directory

3. Import (Mailboxes/Users): Users and their associated mailslots can also be created simultaneously from an import file.

This facility, accessed by selecting Import Mailboxes and Users from the Tools Menu, enables a predefined list of Users and their associated Mailboxes to be created in the Console. 


CSV Import
The facility prompts for an input file, the format for which is a standard comma separated value (CSV) text file containing the following minimal fields:

"username","description","password", one line per record. For example:-

"john","John Doe","abcd"
"fred","Fred Bloggs","efgh"

where "john" is the user and mailslot name, "John Doe" is the mailslot description and "abcd" is the password for both the user and the mailslot. The column order is not significant as long as the field order is consistent on each line of the input CSV file.

Field selection:
For example, if you want to import the mailbox "alias", create a column called:  aliases

Mailbox Template

The Import wizard will offer you the option of selecting a Template for the user/mailbox properties. This template-facility can save you a lot of time and configuration when working with large installations. Make sure that you create and configure a User and Mailbox with optimal setting for your usage.

Select an existing mailslot from the drop listing to be used as a template when creating the new mailboxes. The <default> selection creates an unconfigured standard mailbox.

Create Matching Users
Select this option to create users associated with the mailboxes. Select an existing user from the drop listing to be used as a template when creating the new users.

The default is a blank entry which creates an unconfigured user.
You may want to adjust the user Privileges or their ability to access Web Mail, etc.


Web-based User Management

'Remote' management of User accounts is normally conducted by the Mailtraq Administrator using a remote instance of the Console (see how...)

In some situations the Administrator may wish to delegate basic creation, deletion and password management to another user - for example, as school district may have many users joining or leaving at the end of a year, or a company may employ large numbers of temporary staff.

Mailtraq provides a web-based utility to allow this.


Configuration Tip


Pay attention to the User Template and Mailbox Template that you select.

The characteristics of these templates determine the behavior of the automatically created accounts.


Old versions of Mailtraq:

The User Manager dialog, which can be accessed by selecting Users... from the Options Menu in the console or by clicking on the  button on the console toolbar, enables the properties and permissions of licensed Mailtraq users to be configured.


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