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Proxy Server

Web Access Control

Mailtraq Proxy Service (option) makes it straightforward to control access to the Internet.
Control time wasting on Social Networking sites, video watching, and monitor web activity.

You are in Control

When a user wishes to browse a page not available on the local network, their browser requests the page from Mailtraq. You decide what sites they can access with both blacklist and whitelist controls, schedule access times, plus warning notifications to the Admin, and more. 


Mailtraq will send an email to a designated recipient immediatly there is an attempt to reach a banned website.

The email says which user is involved, the machine that is being used and th ewebsite they are attempting to visit.



Mailtraq will send a consolidated report on a regular basis. 



Setting up the Blacklist 'Excluded URL' file is straightforward.

Many installations are only interested in banning access to a few sites - Facebook, YouTube and similar and  simple text file with the excluded web addresses (URLs) can be edited direct from the Console.

Comprehensive ban lists are readily available, and can easily be added. However, in a very restrictive environment it is more common to ban access to all websites except for those whitelisted. 

The URL Whitelist is configured in an identical manner. Whitelisted entries take priority over Blacklisted ones, so it is possible to allow access to some parts of websites and not others.

How does it work?

The Proxy Service appears to the local network to be a web server, and page requests made to the proxy are forwarded to other servers on the Internet.

Access is secure, since machines can only access the Mailtraq server (which provides firewall protection for all its services). Web browsers support the use of web proxies, making it possible to control your entire network through this single Internet connection.

For Configuration see KB00022603 Web Proxy Quickstart Guide and other articles in the 'Proxy' section of the Knowledgebase  


Proxy Tunnel

The Proxy option also provides a TCP tunnel service. Read more at Proxy Tunnel


Try FREE for 30-days - no download required

The Mailtraq proxy is available as a low-cost addition
to your Mailtraq license with no additional download.




5-user $70.00
50-user & up$399.00


Add the Proxy - see how here...

At the upgrade screen select the matching version of your Mailtraq with Proxy

So, if you have a Mailtraq Professional 25-user

Select Mailtraq Professional with Proxy 25-user

OK and confirm at the prompts.

Now, open your Mailtraq Console - go to Help | About Mailtraq and click the [Refresh] button.

And that is it - you are done.

Your Mailtraq will now allow you to configure the Web Proxy as explained above.

Your trial will run for up to 30-days. When you are ready to purchase simply pay from your account - see   If you decide not to go ahead you need do nothing and your Mailtraq will revert to your previous capability.

Please contact with any questions on Pricing or adding the Proxy option to your Mailtraq Installation.

Expanding Dial-up Connections

In addition to providing access control the Web Proxy Service can be used to expand out a single dial-up connection to your entire LAN (Local Area Network).

Low bandwidth connections (dial-up)

The Mailtraq Proxy Service can make it possible to browse the web, access remote mailboxes, collect news, access FTP sites, use Telnet, and many other functions from any machine on your network, using only one connection to the Internet.

You can manage the dialup, reducing telephone or on-line costs, and sharing the cost of a single connection amongst all the clients. If Mailtraq's machine is not currently connected to the Internet, it can initiate a dialup connection and then pass on the request to the appropriate machine.

Mailtraq can handle any number of simultaneous connections, and can automatically disconnect from a dialup connection when it is no longer needed. This works in harmony with your mail and news services, so while you are browsing, your colleague can use the same telephone time to collect new e-mail.

The advantage over a network router is... Low cost

The Big Benefit is cost effectiveness. Mailtraq provides a comprehensive proxy service that covers far more than simply web services, and such a facility is usually found in very expensive and highly demanding software. And like every service that Mailtraq provides, you'll have it configured in seconds.



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