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Setting up webmail

WebMail is included in all normal trials and is part of the Professional edition of Mailtraq. 

You can check your version, and whether your installation supports WebMail by clicking
Help | About Mailtraq in the Mailtraq Console. If your installation does not support WebMail, you can upgrade to a version that does, at


Webmail installs automatically ...

If you have installed Mailtraq Professional  as a new install or as a Trial, WebMail will be already setup - you can look in Active Connections in the Mailtraq Console for confirmation.


Manual Installation
If you need to (re-)install Webmail manually you may do so from:

Tools | Webmail Install Wizard.

Accessing Webmail
You access webmail by browsing to the Mailtraq machine - and logging in.

Problems or Questions?
There is more information about solving problems with accessing webmail here, including tips on NAT or router port-forwarding settings.


Allow users to log in
If you use the Wizard to Add Users you are asked if you want the User to have Webmail access:

How to enable a user
If you need to change the status of a User so that they can use webmail (or to remove that privilege), in the Mailtraq Console, left-tree view, choose Users - locate the user, right-click, Properties | Mail-tab

For each user who will be allowed to use WebMail, select the User, and click Properties.
On the Mail tab, check 'Enable Web mail Login for this user'



Configuration Tips


Working with Windows Server editions

Read about managing services in Windows Server editions (IIS - web & SMTP) here ...

Changing the webmail port


Webmail runs by default on Port 80.
If you are running a website on the same system as Mailtraq you will need to change the port that webmail uses to avoid a conflict - as websites must run on Port 80.

This change is easy to do - and is explained here: KB04020201 Changing the webmail port


Limiting File Attachments

The webmail Administration page allows you to permit or deny the sending of attachments using Webmail.

If you want to allow the sending of attachments, but limit the size (so users do not attempts to email very large attachments - such as an entire DVD) you can set a limit to the overall data size in the HTTP service associated with webmail.

Access to the dialog is from Console: Services




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